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What’s the Difference Between a Business Consultant and a Business Mentor?

Business consulting and mentoring are two main processes that are intended to guide clients in making smarter decisions. While the goal of consulting and mentoring are the same, there are quite a few differences in terms of their approach and execution. With business consulting, the focus is more on short-term, task-based processes while business mentoring […]

10 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help You Generate Dynamic Results

It’s difficult to grow as an entrepreneur when you don’t have a mentor leading the way. Business is about making the right decisions and if you’re a neophyte in the game, you’re prone to errors and mistakes. Think of a business mentor as a guiding light that will help you navigate the murky waters of […]

When Business is Slow

No matter how good you are, how good your business is or what sector of the market you operate in, it’s only a matter of time before your business will slow down. It’s inevitable, it’s challenging and if not managed well it can destroy your dreams. As business owners we must not only run our […]

How business planning and having a business mentor/coach can help you reach your goals

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. This holds true in every aspect of life… especially in business. Business coaching will direct you through an easier path to a successful business.  Despite the importance of planning, I find that a disturbing number of business owners don’t have long-term plans for their business […]

Find time for your family with a business coach (PART 2)

Family versus work – it’s a real catch 22. And one that no business owner should ever have to deal with. Business coaching will get you out of this pothole. In my opinion, good business owners shouldn’t have to spend any more time at their business than they have to – ideally, you shouldn’t have […]

How a business mentor can help you balance work and family (PART 1)

Allow a Melbourne business mentor to help you balance work and family life. Do you identify with one of these business owners? “I need to be on top of the business 24/7.” “My business is my life.” “I can’t leave the business for so long, I need to do everything.” If you’re a business owner, […]

Maximize the benefits of business mentoring

One of my favourite quotes of all time says that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  While we don’t know who first said it, it perfectly encapsulates my philosophy about the coaching relationship. If you’re not ready to learn, even the best teacher won’t be able to help you. This also applies to business mentoring. […]

Debunking business coaching myths

Oftentimes when I introduce myself as a business owner coach, I get a lot of confused looks and double-takes: “Business owner coach? You mean a business coach, right?” As a relatively new field of business coaching, I hear a lot of myths, misconceptions and straight-up about business owner coaching. And in a lot of cases, […]

Why should you seek out a business owner coach or mentor?

Businesses, especially small businesses, need the help of a business owner coach, for some good reasons. When it comes to business owners, especially small business owners, I find that your inner circle has a disproportionate impact on your decisions and your performance as a business owner. Think about it: when things don’t go according to […]

How to be the best business owner?

As a Melbourne business mentor, I always say… “Business is not complicated… spend your time making more money and then use some of that money to buy your time back!” In the end, your business should be about giving you, the owner, MORE money and MORE time. SIMPLE as that. If you can confidently tell […]

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