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How to become a better business owner… and how small business coaching helps!

A better business and lifestyle… isn’t that what every business owner dreams of? Every small and medium businesses owner knows that becoming a better business owner isn’t an overnight process. It takes a lot of hard work. It takes time. More importantly, it requires the right mindset. I’m a business coach, not a life coach. […]

The link between time and money, and how business coaching in Melbourne helps!

The 2 most important things in any business? TIME and MONEY. Unless you run a non-profit, these 2 factors are the core of any business. It’s a symbiotic relationship – you can’t have one without the other. And in my opinion, you can’t really call yourself successful unless you have both in abundance. As a […]

5 crucial questions to ask yourself before meeting your Melbourne business coach

You don’t have TIME or MONEY. Your sales are stumbling. Your team struggles to deliver service. You lack a long-term plan for your business AND your life. I know first-hand that running a business isn’t easy – you might feel like it’s just you against the world. Yes, your friends and loved ones can give […]

How does a Melbourne business coach help you plan your business processes?

As a business coach in Melbourne, I always open by asking my clients what it is they want from their businesses.  I’ve noticed that the most common response I hear is “successful” or words to that effect.  However, the road to success isn’t always easy in the business world. “success” is a very vague goal […]

What common problems can a Melbourne business coach fix for you?

Business owners face numerous challenges every single day: Employee problems Low sales Stock issues Competition These are just some of the common problems you might find yourself staring down any given day. No doubt each of these is important in their own way. However, they’re only part of the picture – focusing solely on these […]

Don’t hire a Melbourne business coach without asking these 5 questions first!

A Melbourne business coach might be all your business needs to turn things around. If you’re under constant stress, their professional advice can be a lifesaver. No time. Not enough money. Too much work. Constant pressure. The person to talk to? A business owner coach. A business owner coach cares about more than just your […]

Small business coach lessons: 4 reasons your business just isn’t working

Be honest with yourself: why are you in business? What drove you to run your own business… and most importantly, is business ownership the right path for you? Allow a small business coach to perk you up. It’s only natural that you’ll experience the occasional low in your business. Whether it’s a financial crisis or […]

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