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Find time for your family with a business coach (PART 2)

Find time for your family with a business coach (PART 2)

Family versus work – it’s a real catch 22. And one that no business owner should ever have to deal with. Business coaching will get you out of this pothole.

In my opinion, good business owners shouldn’t have to spend any more time at their business than they have to – ideally, you shouldn’t have to be present at all for things to run smoothly.

Obviously, that’s the ideal situation. In the real world, it’s almost impossible for business owners to be completely hands-off. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be sacrificing valuable family time to go to work… especially if your business is at the point where you can afford to take a step back!

Last week, we talked about how your business owner coach can help you get more time at home. Of course, that’s not the only way my techniques can help you get your family time back!

That’s why this week we’re following up with part 2 of how a business owner coach can help you get your time back.

If you missed the last blog, click here to get caught up.

A business coach will help you manage your time wisely

Delegation is not the devil. For many clients, an unwillingness to pass work off to others is what holds them back from their families.

They say is time is money. And just like money, many of us feel like we never quite have enough of it!

Delegation and finding other ways to offload your work is key to getting more time with your family. I think it goes without saying that getting someone else to handle your work for you means less on your plate.

Some business owners find it challenging to delegate. They have a fear of losing control. Many times, this manifests in doing everything and micromanaging. Not only does this leave you exhausted – it’s not great for the atmosphere at your business either!

As a business owner coach, I can help you manage your time. This comes by carefully considering how many hours you are willing to commit to your business, tracking how much time you’re spending at work and looking at options to take work off your hands.

It also involves looking at how we can bring more money into your business. In my experience, money lets you buy your time back – you can’t take on extra staff unless you have the cash for it.

You can read more about the relationship between how much MONEY your business is bringing in and how much TIME you have for yourself here.

A business coach will push you to execute and track your progress

After setting goals and assessing the lifestyle that you want, it is but proper to have a business owner coach who won’t lie, who would push you to your limits and of course, demand that these goals will turn into action.

A business coach will not only help you set your goals but will include targets and action plans for reaching them. These will guide your activities each day and will track your progress after each quarter.

Let’s return to our hypothetical business owner.

We’ve outlined that they want to go down to part-time hours so they can be part of their newborn child’s life. Where do we go next?

  • How much time do they want to be spending with their child? One day a week? Two?
  • Can they afford to do that right now? If not, how can we give them their time back?
  • How will we track our success? In this example, can we measure how productive your team and system is without you?
  • Let’s check back after a month: are our plans and suggestions doing what they’re meant to do (in this case, keeping your business running without your presence)?
  • If not, do we need to readjust?

Talking with a business coach to implement systems that give you your family time back is great. But even more important is finding ways to track how well your plans are performing.

Make more money, get more time

Your personal life doesn’t have to play second fiddle to your business.

Making enough time for your family as a business owner is a constant balancing act. And for far too many business owners, they’re focused so strongly on the business side of their life that their family side is completely neglected.

If you feel like the scales are rigged towards your business, a business coach can help!

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