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Business Coaching Melbourne

  • Long hours
  • Always being on-call
  • Constant emails
  • Never truly being able to “switch off”

Who can relate?

I know that many people will agree with me that doing the above to keep a job brings no fun or enjoyment in life. Business Coaching can change that!

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Can Business Coaching Help You?


By working with a business coach, your life and business will change for the better.

Remember that it’s not always going to be easy. However, it’s always productive and it always leads towards a better lifestyle… and in the end, that’s what we’re all after.

My Business Coaching Process

I have never walked away from a business owner because I didn’t think I could help.

When approached for help, I immediately consider these questions:

  • Where do I think I can help?
  • What will that process look like?

You can learn more about how I work here.

By going through this process, we should both be prepared to make a decision about working together.

It is important to ask yourself these questions before committing – but remember, at this point, you will have invested nothing so far apart from your time and attention.

My Business Coaching Clients

Those who wish to work with me should know that I expect my clients to work with me for at least a year. On average, I work with clients for about three years.

By around this time, my clients should have exceeded their initial goals and set new, more ambitious goals.

At that point, some clients would opt to:

  • Quit coaching and we move to mentoring relationships
  • Continue to work with me to achieve even greater growth and expansion and setting their sights higher with each new period

For me to be able to develop my personal philosophy and to know how to run a business, I had to experience these in my own personal life.

My secret? It’s doing the job that your business needs you to do and not just the one that you are naturally good at.

What I’ve Discovered

When I came across the business coaching industry at a franchise show in Toronto, Canada, I thought it seemed perfect for me…

And for more than 10 years now, this chance encounter has allowed me to help business owners all across Melbourne transform their lives.

I have enjoyed:

  • Finding new purpose and opportunity in a relatively new field
  • Helping all those business owners that I met during my initial research when I was considering buying a business or franchise
  • Working across an entire range of businesses providing business coaching to Melbourne clients

In my years that I have been business coaching in Melbourne, I have discovered:

  • All my clients share common business concerns and interests
  • In many cases, their business does not fulfil expectations for income and lifestyle
  • I am very good at helping clients move from troubles they are in towards the vision they had when they first conceptualised their business

My guarantee...

Work with me using my unique Frame-Work for business owners
and if we don't make you more money than we cost...

We'll work for free until you do.*

*terms and conditions apply

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