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Why Choose Bruce?

Like many of my clients, once I had made up my mind that dying young was not one of my goals, I set my mind to working out what I would do if I didn’t run a multi-million dollar company.

Given my family background, it seemed obvious that I should own my own business. So I started down the same path that you have probably travelled checking out: businesses for sale, businesses in distress, new business start-ups, and franchises. What struck me right away was: “Who are these businesses owners trying to kid? Surely it’s not possible that people would invest so much time, energy and money for so little return?” There had to be a better way.

Designing Systems and Managing Business

The lessons I had learned from the corporate world, and the reading and research into business management and methods that I undertook stood me in good stead when I purchased a Hair Salon and turned it from the disaster that had lead the former owner to sell it at a bargain price, into a thriving business that turned over a substantial profit in just two years.

In this case, and in subsequent business ventures where I invested my own money and had a real stake in their profitability beyond earning a salary, I was designing systems and managing the business rather than actually doing the work on the floor.

Designing Systems and Managing Business

By then people were starting to come to me for advice on running their businesses (attracted by my unhurried lifestyle, and comfortable income) and, in 2003, I encountered the business coaching industry for the first time.

This was the first franchise opportunity that made economic sense to me, and since it also appealed to my strengths and interests I jumped in with both feet. The rest, as they say, is history!

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