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One on One Business Coaching

One On One Business Coaching

Your goals for your business are not identical to any other business owner’s goals, and your business is probably not at the same place as any other business.

Therefore, you need a tailored solution, and specific advice based on where you are today, and where you would like to be at a specific time in the future. That is, essentially, one on one business coaching.

One on one business coaching begins with the analysis of two important facets.

They are:

1. Your Business Lifecycle

Your business has a lifecycle, just as your products do. New and innovative businesses and products need different approaches to those that are well established or passing over the hump into their declining years. So, knowing where the business and its products are up to also impacts my decision to work with the owner.

This is not a question of whether or not I would work with the owner; it is more a question of where to start and how difficult, time-consuming or complex it will be to achieve an outcome.

Personally, I enjoy (and have had the most success with) smaller businesses with turnovers up to about $1 million, and I’ve also enjoyed working with many start-ups and new franchisees. I would not exclude larger businesses (my largest ever client was turning $100m) but the role becomes more executive coaching moving into group coaching, and that is simply not my preference.

Through my years providing business coaching to Melbourne clients I’ve found the smaller business owner is more flexible, more willing to learn and change, and more responsive in their decision-making. The larger a business gets, the more corporate it must become and that leads to office politics and industrial relations issues which don’t interest me nearly as much as the owner’s headspace and human relationships.

Your Business Lifecycle

2. Your Industry

Part of evaluating what stage a business is at is looking at where the industry is heading and, if the industry is declining, what chance the business has of re-inventing themselves.

If you were making typewriters in the 90s, my advice would have been to work out where to redirect your energy and capital, and there are some industries where the best advice I could give you today would be, “Cut and run as fast as you can!”

You can’t save a dying dinosaur, but you can find the thing that is about to take its place.

Your Industry

Discipline and Regret

I’ve got two words for you, and they are both painful. The good news is you get to choose which one. The bad news is you’re going to get one of them, so choose carefully.

Here are the two words, discipline and regret. Most people say to me, “Bruce, I will take discipline.”

Ninety-five percent of people end up with regret. The reason is that discipline is hard. It’s hard to do the same things the same way everytime. We’re creatures of new innovation. We want to try something different but we need to be disciplined. We need to be disciplined in our systems. We need to be disciplined in our sales. We need to be disciplined in our conversion and most of all, we need to be disciplined in our profit because let’s face it: business is all about profit. If you are not disciplined, if you cannot follow your own systems, you will get regret.

Which are you going to choose?

6P’s The Culture of a Business


We work one-on-one with business owners, face to face where possible, and only including others on an as-required basis.


We are experienced, qualified, and capable, and we only involve others with the same expertise.


We enjoy what we do and we use the services of others in our own field in our business.


Always stating within both the laws and the spirit of the laws, we are interested in what works over what is considered ‘right’.


We do not give up: we will do whatever we can to achieve a client’s goals.


We achieve the overarching goal, which is to help your business become more profitable; giving you the lifestyle you want.

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