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Every business owner has a unique vision for their business and for their lifestyle – your goals are different from someone else’s. A good coach understands that your business may not be at the same stage or level as that of others and therefore a one on one business coaching is needed.

Therefore a Business Owner will need :

  • A tailored solution
  • Specific advice based on:
    • Where you are today
    • Where you would like to be at a specific time in the future

This is what I refer to as one-on-one Business Owner Coaching.

One on one business coaching begins with two important aspects. They are:

Your Business Lifecycle

Like your products, your business has a lifecycle.

As a business owner coach I try to check where the business is in its lifecycle – development, growth, maturity, decline. And it’s important to remember that each business, therefore, needs to be approached differently.

We need to assess:

  • Where you are in your lifecycle now?
  • Where we should start?
  • How difficult will it be to coach you?
  • How time-consuming will it be for both if us?
  • How complex will it be to get you More Time and More Money?

With my experiences, I have helped (and have had the most success) with smaller businesses with turnovers up to about $1 million, start-ups and new franchisees.

Through my years providing business coaching to Melbourne clients, I have found the smaller business owner is:

  • More flexible
  • More willing to learn and change
  • More responsive in their decision-making

This is why I love working with Small Business Owners.

While I would not exclude working with large businesses (my largest ever client was turning $100m), my role becomes more convoluted and more about executive coaching, which can then move into group coaching or working with a board. This is simply not my preference.

Additionally, the larger a business gets, the more corporate it becomes. It leads to longer decision-making processes and slows progress for your growth as a Business Owner.

Your Industry

In evaluating where your business is at, it is important to evaluate the state of your industry:

  • Where the industry is heading
  • The state of the industry
  • Is the industry is increasing or declining
  • What chance the business has of succeeding in the future
  • And if this is low – whether we re-invent your business

If we were back in the 90’s and you manufactured typewriters, I would have advised you to look at where the industry is going and where we can take your business. And for some industries, the best advice I can offer is “Sell – or cut and run as fast as you can!”

It’s important to find out what is taking place and to take a peek into the future and adjust your strategy. You can’t save a dinosaur – but you can certainly find out what is taking its place.

If you have the Time – you can spend time assessing this.

If you have the Money – you can invest in changing direction and looking at other business strategies.

My goal is for you to have More Time and More Money. Nothing is more important.

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