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How I Work

How Business Coaching Melbourne Works, The Bruce Frame Way

How I Work

The first time I meet with a business owner, I’m trying to work a few things out:

1.  Who are they and where have they come from?

2.  What business do they say they are in and what business are they really in?

3.  What stage are they at on their entrepreneurial journey?

4.  What stage is their business at?

5.  What part of the lifecycle is their industry at?

6.  Can I help them?

7.  Do I like them?

The last point may seem a little strange if you’ve never worked with a business coach before, but I can’t over-emphasise how important it is.

The Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship is one of understanding and trust – if I don’t like you (or vice versa), then understanding and trust are not possible.

In some ways, it should actually be number one because it really is a deal-breaker – if we’re not going to get along, let’s walk away from each other now. If you get to the end of it and say, “This man is annoying,” then you probably won’t want to work with me.

On the other hand, if you say, “This man really makes sense and I like his challenging, approach and the way he cares about his clients’ lives, not just their businesses,” then you should definitely contact me and see if we can work together.

The reality is that we’re going to work through some tough stuff together. I’m going to be pushing you to complete the tasks we’ve decided are high priority, as well as helping you look closely at some harsh truths about your business and lifestyle.

At some stage you will need to accept my direction as to what is most important and what is less important, plus you are going to need to take action on items that are challenging for you and that you would prefer to avoid.

Take my word for it: it’s not always going to be easy. But remember, if it were easy, you wouldn’t need a coach.

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