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Just a quick email to express my sincere thanks for the advice and support you have given Sam over the past few months. On the night I made the first online inquiry, seeking your help on Sam’s behalf, I was desperately concerned about my husband’s health and well-being. Since working with you I have noticed great changes in the way Sam deals with work related stress, an optimistic attitude and a general feeling of ‘being in control’ of all things work related. Sam himself describes you as his ‘counsellor’, which is exactly what Sam needs and I really can’t provide so once again, thank you.
We (the kids and I) all reap the benefits of these positive changes.
Warm regards,

Tenielle B

I was just starting out in business and had no idea what to do, even though I had been working in the corporate world for 15 years. Having my own business was new to me. Bruce is an amazing person. He is engaging and so knowledgeable. He also takes a stand for you even when you don’t want to stand for yourself. He pushes you to be more because he knows you can be. He knows how to get a business to a profitable level, where you as the owner don’t need to be there. He is really easy to work with! The way I think about business, how to run it and really how simple it is. Bruce has been fantastic for my business. He has made me see the only person in the way of my success is me! Thanks!


Bruce helps you to help yourself get stuff done, not just talk about it. He teaches you how to be accountable to yourself, and have fun doing it. I wish we’d met him before we opened our business!

Vivienne Kane – Minute Man Press Prahran

Bruce combines the rare qualities of being a practical bloke with a solid theoretical foundation. He encourages and motivates you to be the best you can be by learning from other people’s mistakes and positive experiences. He works well with the entrepreneur who needs to be coached through the maze of business opportunities and risks. He speaks and presents well and his enthusiasm is infectious. Even the most well read and informed business leader will benefit from some time bouncing ideas and concepts with Bruce as he will not let you off if you don’t follow through as promised.”

Giuseppe de Simone

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our top and even more importantly bottom lines. I’m now able to take regular time off and the team steps up and makes sure that we achieve the targets we’ve set, and that we all work to the budget that we’ve set and agreed to. Should you have other business owners who’d like to know the value of your work to my business, please feel free to pass this note and my contact details on to them.”

Jonathan Marshall – Dogtainers

“Our main problem was managing bad debts. We had no system in place for chasing bad debts. Our office was disorganised. Also, we needed to look at ways to diversify our business as our current market was diminishing. Bruce helped us to put systems in place for managing bad debts. We got our office in order. We found new ways for looking for new markets and customers. As I deal with many businesses every day I can see that Bruce could help to change and improve basically any business. Bruce works at a pace that suits you. Improvements come in different ways some small others at a greater rate. It was a valuable to work with Bruce and I highly recommend him as a business coach.

Michael Keavy – Keavy Electrical Services

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