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3 ways to become a better business owner in 2018

As the new year comes and goes, many of us have probably put together a list of new year’s resolutions. According to Nielsen, the eight most popular new year’s resolutions are: Stay fit/lose weight Enjoy life to the fullest Save more Make more time for friends/family Get organised Take up a new hobby Travel more […]

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How can I help business owners become leaders?

As a business owner coach, my goal is to help you become a better business OWNER. Unlike a regular business coach, my focus is on YOU. Part of that is helping you wrap your head around your business, finding more time for you and earning more money to support your dream lifestyle. Another part of […]

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Qualities to look for in a business coach

Do you find yourself working insane for hours trying to make more money but still can’t seem to make ends meet? Is the money you make from your business insufficient to power your dream lifestyle? Or do you simply feel overwhelmed, and find running a business stressful and challenging? As I’ve said before, making more […]

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Signs you need a business owner coach ASAP

You work 70 hour weeks. The moment you step through the door to come home, you lock yourself in your office instead of spending time with your family. And when you go to bed, you toss and turn thinking about balancing the books or how you’re going to approach a client tomorrow. If any of […]

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Time and Money: The most important things for business owners

There are many outcomes and goals Business Owners want to achieve but, for me, it all comes down to Money and Time. Many business owners seem fixated on chasing growth figures or the size of the bank balance as measures of their success. While those things are very nice, I believe that the true measure […]

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What makes a good business owner? The answer: time

When it comes to what makes a good business owner, I always narrow it down to two fundamental questions: do they have money, and do they have time? Because at its core, your business exists to provide you, the owner, with money so you can attain the lifestyle YOU want, whether that’s family, adventuring around […]

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Telemarketing done right: how direct marketing can help your business

In this day and age where computers and smartphones are more prevalent than ever, it has never been easier to reach out to people and give them the personal attention they need.   However, in the marketing world, the most common response when we reach out to customers through initiatives like direct mail and telemarketing […]

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Introducing my new business coaching book: So… How’s Business?

Introducing my new business coaching book: So… How’s Business? Have you ever wondered why your business doesn’t seem to give you the lifestyle that you want? You’ll find the answers (and so much more) in my new book, So… How’s Business? Not only will you learn why your business is not giving you the lifestyle […]

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When To Hire A Business Coach

When To Hire A Business Coach Every business owner or entrepreneur enjoys the benefits of running their own business: You have complete control over every aspect of business… but often this is a double-edged sword. While you can manage your own salary, work more flexible hours, and hire and manage your own team, you’ve also […]

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What Makes A Good Business Coach?

What Makes A Good Business Coach? Over time, business coaching has evolved from something that was almost completely unknown in the 1980s, to an extremely in-demand service in Australia and throughout the world. The good news: most business owners see business coaches as an investment that their organisation needs to succeed, and they are starting […]

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