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How to Set Up Business Mentoring Activities

Your employees are one of your company’s most valuable assets. Thus, it makes perfect sense to invest in their career growth to better maximise your return of investment. One way to achieve this is by sponsoring business mentoring activities which will allow you to build their skills and tap into their potential. The great thing […]

What’s the Difference Between a Business Consultant and a Business Mentor?

Business consulting and mentoring are two main processes that are intended to guide clients in making smarter decisions. While the goal of consulting and mentoring are the same, there are quite a few differences in terms of their approach and execution. With business consulting, the focus is more on short-term, task-based processes while business mentoring […]

10 Best Places to Find the Right Business Mentor

One of the most common advice that new entrepreneurs hear is to “find a business mentor”. It makes sense because everyone needs a bit of help when they’re just starting with their career. A business mentor is someone who guides their mentee by offering sound advice based on knowledge, experience, and expertise so they can […]

Tips on Finding the Right Business Mentor

Building a strong relationship with a business mentor is one of the best ways to jumpstart your entrepreneurial career. A mentor can offer plenty of knowledge and insight that will help you make smarter decisions and grow professionally in ways you’ve never imagined. In this article, we’ll be highlighting a few key tips to help […]

The Importance of Ethics in Business

Building a solid reputation is crucial to succeeding in business, and one key aspect of that is displaying ethics. Great entrepreneurs and corporate leaders know how important ethics is in the entrepreneurial world as it feeds directly into their businesses and improves not only their relationships with their target audience but also with their stakeholders […]

How to Measure ROI on Business Mentorship

So you’re looking to start a business mentorship program, but you want to know about its potential return of investment first (ROI). When it comes to measuring the ROI of business mentorship, there are a couple of factors to consider such as the type of mentorship being offered and the reason why you are offering […]

10 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help You Generate Dynamic Results

It’s difficult to grow as an entrepreneur when you don’t have a mentor leading the way. Business is about making the right decisions and if you’re a neophyte in the game, you’re prone to errors and mistakes. Think of a business mentor as a guiding light that will help you navigate the murky waters of […]

How do you know if your business is helping you reach your goals?

What are your life goals? And more importantly, is your business helping you achieve them? Everybody has goals. Yours might be to retire early, travel the world or to immerse yourself in your chosen hobby. And your business is key to achieving that goal. No matter the goal, time and money are essential (unless your […]

Destined to fail? 4 things that sink the business coaching relationship

Like it or not, sometimes your relationship with your business coach in Melbourne just doesn’t work out. And that’s A-okay. Not every relationship will go the distance – nobody’s at fault when this happens. Sometimes it’s simply a case of your personality not lining up with your business coach. While it might sound like a […]

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