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Business Owner Coach

Business Owner Coach

Most business owners have some concerns about their business, even if things are generally going well.

Your goals for your business are not identical to any other business owner’s goals, and your business is probably not at the same place as any other business. Therefore, you need a tailored solution, and specific advice based on where you are today, and where you would like to be at a specific time in the future.

Because all businesses are fundamentally the same, you can and should look outside your industry for ideas.

That’s why a business coach does not need to be a specialist in your particular industry. In fact, there are tremendous advantages to be gained by working with a business coach who is outside your industry because of the opportunities for cross-pollination and lateral thinking.

The Difference Between Business Coaching and Business Owner Coaching

You are an expert in your field: you’ve trained for it, you’ve practiced it and you’ve been doing it for years – clearly you don’t need someone to tell you how to do it. But have you had any training in your role as a business owner?

How many times have you been told that you have to work on your business and not just in it? And by well-meaning friends and family I know, but do they then tell you what is ‘on your business’ or do they just leave you to work that out?

Benefits Of A Business Owner Coach


Learn the work that you must do, because if you don’t then no-one will


Even more importantly, learn what work you must not do and how to make the transition


Turn your business dreams into actionable plans with outcomes, responsibilities and consequences


Become the Leader your business needs you to be


Create the Systems that your technicians will use to run your business


Have the Controls in place so that you are always confident that your business is being run the way you need it to be, is achieving the goals you have set and giving you the lifestyle that you expected when you got into business in the first place

Most people who own small business ‘fell’ into them; either they ‘ended up owning’ a business they were working for (family or otherwise), they grabbed what seemed to be an opportunity too good to pass up or they bought something deliberately as a result of some financial windfall. But the end result is not a true business, it’s really just a job – and it may be the worst job in the world because the owner does not have the business skills to make it successful.

Does Your Business Need A Coach, Or Do You?

Any good business coach can help you with the operation of your business, can help you and your team become technically better, and can help you plan and budget better… but only a true business owner coach can help you become the leader, the planner, the visionary and in short, the owner that you need to be to become truly successful.

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