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Business Owner Coach

Business Owner Coach

For some owners, the anxiety they feel for their business never stops, no matter how well they are doing.

As a Business Owner coach, I understand that your business is not identical to other businesses’ goals and that you are not identical to other business owners.

Therefore, you need a the following:

  • A tailored solution
  • Specific advice based on your current situation
  • A vision of where you would like to be at a specific time in the future.

As a Business Owner Coach I do not need to be a specialist in your particular industry or niche. My expertise lies in improving YOU, as an owner.

When working me, you get someone who is looking at you and your business and is then able to offer:

  • Cross-pollination
  • Lateral thinking
  • Experience based on achieving business improvement

The Difference Between Business Coaching and Business Owner Coaching

Many people who own a small business say they just ‘fell’ into it. For some, it can end up turning into a hard slog as the business grows. Usually this is because they take on many different roles and and this makes running a business very hard.

People often fall into small business because of the following:

  • “Ended up owning” a business they were working for (family or otherwise)
  • Grabbed what seemed to be an opportunity too good to pass up
  • Bought something deliberately as a result of some financial windfall

And because of that, you may not have the right training in your role as business owner. Even being an expert in your field, who’s trained and practiced it for years, doesn’t mean that you are equipped to handle being a business owner.

Benefits Of A Business Owner Coach

  • Learn the work that you MUST do, because if you don’t then no-one will
  • Even more importantly, learn what work you must NOT do and how to make the transition
  • Turn your business dreams into actionable plans with outcomes, responsibilities and consequences
  • Become the Leader your business needs you to be
  • Create the Systems that your technicians will use to run your business
  • Have the Controls in place so that you can confidently say that your business:
    • Is being run the way you need it to be
    • Is achieving the goals you have set
    • Is giving you the lifestyle that you expected when you got into business in the first place

    … even when you’re not there.

Do you need a Business Coach – or a Business Owner Coach?

Any good business coach can work with you in:

  • Operating your business
  • Helping you and your team become technically better
  • Setting goals
  • Planning and budgeting

But only a Business Owner Coach is focused on improving YOU as a Business Owner and turning you into a leader, visionary or planner.

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