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How a business mentor can help you balance work and family (PART 1)

How a business mentor can help you balance work and family (PART 1)

Allow a Melbourne business mentor to help you balance work and family life.

Do you identify with one of these business owners?

“I need to be on top of the business 24/7.”

“My business is my life.”

“I can’t leave the business for so long, I need to do everything.”

If you’re a business owner, chances are at one point or the other, you may have found yourself using one of these excuses. I remember using these exact phrases on concerned friends and family members.

Take it from me: pouring all your time into work does nothing except stress you out. Humans aren’t work-bots – everybody needs a little bit of time off to relax, recharge and spend time with their friends and family.

And if things are going poorly with your personal life, it will spill over onto your business. Most importantly, a healthy work-life balance is key to maintaining good mental health!

If you are having a hard time making time for your personal time or you don’t know how to keep a work-life balance, then I have a good news for you. There may be someone out there who will help you strike the balance without compromising the success of your business.

The answer – a business mentor!

My mantra as a business mentor and business coach is that your business should be making you TIME and MONEY. If it’s not, it might be time to make a change.

I’ve worked with many business owners in my career.

One misconception that I see pop up time and time again is that the job of a business owner is to focus on the success of the business, and not YOU.

I’m a bit of a contrarian on that front. My personal philosophy is that your business is a vehicle. To me, the end-goal of any business owner should be to reach the point where they don’t need to worry about their business and can spend as much time with their family as they want.

It’s a lofty goal, and while circumstances can get in the way sometimes, in my mind that’s where your focus should be.

If you feel like you just can’t take a break because your business needs you to be there, then something is not right. This is where a Melbourne business mentors expertise can come in handy.

Making changes to your business’ planning, budgeting, operations, strategies, and operation can go a long way towards achieving a healthier work-life balance.

However, a business mentor can do more than just care for your business (that’s why I call myself a business mentor). While your business might be running smoothly, it’s important you don’t overlook the most important element – you and your family!

A business owner mentor focuses not only on squeezing more money from your business, but also GETTING TIME to spend with your loved ones doing the things you love. My focus is on improving your business so you can lead a better lifestyle.

But how exactly can a business mentor help you balance both your business and your personal life?

A business mentor will help you set realistic goals

Goals mean nothing if they’re not accompanied by action

And I’m not just talking about business goals like “increase revenue by XX percent”. No, I’m talking about YOUR goals.

In my opinion, every business owner should be aiming to build a business that brings in enough money and works so smoothly that you don’t need to take any work home with you.

The way I see it, my job isn’t about improving your business. Rather, my job is to help set goals and reach them. And optimising your business is how we’ll get there.

If you want better-quality time at home, that means optimising your business to the point where things operate smoothly. Your business owner mentor will help you assess the current state of your personal life and your business situation.

Let’s say your goal is to be able to work part-time hours so you can spend more time raising your kids.

  • What can we do with your business under the hood to take time off your hands?
  • Is there anything we need to change about your mindset?
  • What milestones will we set? How will we measure our success?
  • Then, we will set up processes, routines, and systems that help you get everything done during work hours.

The role of your business mentor actually lets you see the big picture of what you have and where you are in your personal life and how you handle your time.

All these need to be identified before setting realistic goals in your personal life and ways on how to achieve them.

A business owner mentor will help you establish healthy boundaries

They say that good fences make for good neighbours. And in business, I find that good fences also make for a healthier work-life balance

Over the years, I’ve worked with a whole lot of different business owners. And one thing I’ve seen time and time again is that many business owners just can’t step away from things.

In a lot of cases (before I come in, at least), it’s out of necessity.

But even after we turn things around and the owner has enough time to spend with their family and pursuing a life outside of work, in many cases, this attitude persists. In many cases, my clients keep sacrificing family time at all to get their business to run smoothly… even when they don’t need to!

Establishing healthy boundaries is essential to getting your family and personal time back. Even the smoothest business won’t help if you can’t pull yourself away from your business.

I call myself a business owner mentor for a reason. One thing that separates me from other business coaches is that I don’t just change business processes – I change mindsets.

I do this in a number of ways:

  • Time-keeping software that puts how much time you spend at work in perspective
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Encouraging and helping implement delegation
  • Removing the need for you to be at work
  • Working around your goals and not just your business

I can help keep you grounded on how many hours should you spend managing your business, what day should you have quality time with your family and how you put both work and family in your schedule.

Some business owners would work like hell ending up sacrificing their health, and their personal life. Setting your boundaries and assessing them helps you to stay on track of your ideal lifestyle.

You don’t have to choose between your business and your family…

 … It is possible to have both!

Choosing between your business or your family… it’s a tough decision to make. Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

A healthy balance between your private life and your business is essential, not just for your family but also for your sanity – no one deserves to be forced away from their loved ones like that.

If you need help getting family time back, it may be time to talk to a business mentor. These are only some of the ways a business mentor can help you get your life back in balance. Tune in next week to find out how Bruce Frame can help you.

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