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Why should you seek out a business owner coach or mentor?

Why should you seek out a business owner coach or mentor?

Businesses, especially small businesses, need the help of a business owner coach, for some good reasons.

When it comes to business owners, especially small business owners, I find that your inner circle has a disproportionate impact on your decisions and your performance as a business owner.

Think about it: when things don’t go according to plan or you need to make an important decision, who do you go to for advice? Close friends, family, or other business owners you’ve networked with.

Each of these influences your mindset and goals, not to mention the route you take to get there.

The problem: they might not always the best-qualified to be giving that type of support.

With that in mind, business coaching takes on a greater importance than ever.

Introducing a business owner coach or business mentor to your inner circle can be a boon in earning more money, reclaiming your time and ultimately, achieving your dream lifestyle.

What a business owner coach does

Enables you to become a better business owner

I find that in many cases, the reason a business owner doesn’t have any time to themselves hasn’t anything to do with the business itself. Rather, in many cases, the fault lies with the business owner.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that your business problems are solely your fault.

What I mean is that in many cases, business owners focus on what they can change about their business.

Most business owners gauge their success as a business owner on their profitability and gear their decisions towards that goal. This belief comes from the thought that the MORE money they make, the FEWER problems they have.

And while that’s certainly important, many business owners ignore their own deeply-rooted habits, ideas, and mindset. In my opinion, good business owners are responsive, decisive, willing to make hard calls… and most importantly, are living their lives. They simply don’t need to spend every waking moment at work.

That’s where a business owner coach comes in. As a business owner coach, my focus is on transforming you into that person.

Whether it’s reversing a deep-seated aversion towards time-saving technology, breaking a micromanaging habit or simply giving you a sense of direction that relights the fire in you, business owner coaching is all about improving you.

Because if you (the owner) have the right mindset, the right ideas, and the right traits, a business that gets you time and money is much more likely to follow!

You need someone to push you to your limits

For many of us, we need that little bit of a push before we dive into the pool, get on a rollercoaster or even try a new cuisine. In life, you might need people who push you to excel – why should business ownership be any different?

Maybe your business feels more like a chore than anything else and you haven’t given it your attention all for a while. You might feel directionless or unmotivated. Perhaps you’re burnt out.

Whatever the reason, you just can’t find it within yourself go beyond “average”.

Maybe your business feels more like a chore than anything else and you haven’t given it your all for a while. You might feel directionless or unmotivated. Perhaps you’re burnt out.

Whatever the reason, you just can’t find it within yourself go beyond “average”.

If you want your business to thrive, you’ll need to push yourself to your limits. And that’s where a small business coach comes in.

I push business owners, but not by hitting them over the head with a stick. Instead, I inspire business owners by talking with them. 

The strongest motivation comes from within. I find that when you have a goal you’re absolutely dead-set on and a rock-solid plan for getting there, almost nothing can get in your way.

That’s why I begin every coaching relationship with a heart-to-heart. I talk about:

  • Your life goals
  • How you feel about your business
  • Where your business sits in your plan
  • How we can turn your business into an engine for reaching your goals
  • Creating a specific, actionable plan that involves your business and achieves your life goals

If you want to push yourself as a business owner, you need to buy-in and want what we’re striving towards.

That’s why a business owner coach puts so much emphasis on learning about you, and not your business.

Of course, even with all this talk of inspiring and motivating, a little bit of tough love and advice also comes into the equation!

A person who can tell you harsh truths

Sometimes, you just need someone who is able to look at what you’re doing from an objective standpoint and tell that what you’re doing just isn’t working.  

Your business suffers if you, the business owner, surround yourself with yes men. If you want your business to be making money, freeing up your time and ultimately helping you attain your dream life, you need someone who is willing to tell you things as they see it.

There is no such thing as a sacred cow when it comes to your business’s success.

At the same time, naturally, you’ll want to know what they’re saying and not be blowing a load of hot air!

Here’s one story I like to trot out a lot: I once had a client that ran a transport and logistics company. A lot of the goods he was transporting were valuable – either monetarily or just sentimentally. Together, we determined that his core product wasn’t actually in transport – it was in security and peace of mind.

It may sound like splitting hairs, but that necessitated an aggressive plan and complete change in business model. We changed the company structure, services we offered and taught the owner to onboard staff and take a more hands-off approach.

Get more money and time out of your business

In the end, your business exists to help you live your life.

To live your life, you need time. And to get time, you need money to implement systems and processes, as well as to hire people to take work off your hands.

You might not be able to make the right decisions in your business or changes to yourself to allow this to happen. But a business owner coach can.

If you are:

  • Determined to see your goals turn into reality
  • Get the results from your investment
  • Make more money
  • Have more time for yourself and for your family

. . . then we are ready to start!

Become a better business owner today – If you feel your business might be in need of help from a Melbourne business owner coach,  call me today or fill in this form and start getting your time and money back.

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