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Debunking business coaching myths

Debunking business coaching myths

Oftentimes when I introduce myself as a business owner coach, I get a lot of confused looks and double-takes: “Business owner coach? You mean a business coach, right?”

As a relatively new field of business coaching, I hear a lot of myths, misconceptions and straight-up about business owner coaching. And in a lot of cases, this prevents clients from taking the plunge and getting the help that they really need. Others come into the coaching relationship with unrealistic expectations and no clue about what it is I actually do.

So today, I’d like to clear the air and debunk a lot of the common misconceptions about my job (which I enjoy greatly).

Even if you’ve already read through my entire site, watched all the videos and like what you hear, there are some ideas that still persist. Today, I’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the more common myths and revealing the truth behind them:

Myth: a business consultant will solve all my business problems

I am not your fairy godmother. While I do my best to work with you to get the business of your dreams, I do not have a magic wand.

There’s only one person who you can rely on to solve all your business concerns and issues – YOU. Many, many clients come to me with the (incorrect) notion that once they hire a business consultant, their business problems are gone overnight.

You can lead a donkey to water, but you cannot force it to drink. That essentially sums up how I help business owners. What I do is show you the way – processes to implement, goals to set, guides on how to get there, old habits to break, etcetera – it’s up to you, the business owner, to put them into action.

It’s also worth noting that I can’t turn things around overnight. Even the most aggressive plans and strategies take time to have an impact.

One client I had (that you can read about on my case studies page) required a complete restructure of his business, including a complete change in his core business. As the months wore on, we started seeing a turnaround – but it was slow going. But since he was willing to take my advice and changes on board, his business eventually started working for him.

Myth: I only care about the success of your business

While they sound similar at first glance, there is a huge difference between a business coach and me, a business owner coach and business consultant. Can you guess what it is?

Unlike other business coach, my focus as business coach are on helping you achieve your life goals – to me, improving your business is just a means to an end for improving YOUR life. After all, it’s impossible to collect vintage motorbikes, take a Caribbean cruise or retire early without time and money.

By contrast, most business coaches focus solely on improving your business’ numbers – how many sales you’re making, expenses, profitability. But they look at these numbers for the sake of it… and few give much advice on what you need to change about yourself.

Because being a successful business owner is about more than just the numbers. In my opinion, it’s all about getting YOU more time – to me, the money is a tool for getting you your time back. If business owners focus solely on money, but is not getting more time, something is wrong.

I also encourage my clients to be introspective. In many cases, the problems in your business can be traced back to the business owner. Unlike other small business coaches, I start by asking whether the problem is with your business or YOU.

And I take this approach even when I act as a business consultant (not a business owner coach – the two are very different roles) to my clients.

That’s why your business exists – by improving you, changing your habits and instilling the appropriate mindset, your business owner coach improves your business, which in turn gives you the power to live that dream life.

Myth: my business coach will have all the answers that I want to know

Your Melbourne business consultant is not Google, nor are they a walking encyclopedia who can answer all your life questions. My job is to help you go through the process of evaluating where you are and getting you where you want to be.

In my years of working with clients, I have found that in many cases, business owners simply aren’t meeting their own expectations for income and lifestyle. While I try my best to help my clients get to where they want to be, the truth is one size does not fit all. Every client requires a bespoke solution.

And more often than not, the answer lies with YOU.

Myth: a business coach will only say what you want to hear

I’ll be blunt: I can be a bit of a slave driver. I can be demanding to my clients. If you work with me, I will push you hard.

I make no secret of my tough-love approach, whether it’s in a business owner coach relationship or a business consultant relationship – it even has its own page on my site, so you can’t say you weren’t warned!

Many business owners who come to me wanting to be coached might expecting me to hand out flattery and praise.

If that was the case however, you wouldn’t need my services, would you?

No, you’re here because your business isn’t working for you and you don’t see it helping you achieve your goals. You’ve come to me to identify what these problems are – whether it’s with your business’ processes,

its direction or with you – and how we can overcome it together.

That necessitates me being blunt and in some cases,  saying truths that you do not want to hear. A tough-love approach applies – no baby treatment here, just hard truths about your lifestyle and business.

My intent is to push you and your business to the limit so you can reach your goals. You might feel such an approach won’t work with you. And that’s fine! Every business owner and their circumstances is unique, and my approach will not work with every single business or business owner out there.

But if you feel like my experience and insights may be able to turn your business and your life around (and are willing to swallow your pride), you can always get in touch with me.

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You’re unhappy with how much of your attention your business is taking up. You don’t have enough time, let alone the money to live your dream life. Your business could be performing better.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there before. I know what it feels like.

And I know what you need to change about your business – or yourself – to put yourself back on track and living your dream lifestyle.

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