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How to be the best business owner?

How to be the best business owner?

As a Melbourne business mentor, I always say… “Business is not complicated… spend your time making more money and then use some of that money to buy your time back!”

In the end, your business should be about giving you, the owner, MORE money and MORE time.

SIMPLE as that.

If you can confidently tell people, “My business is great – I make money and I have a lot of spare time,” then I would say you have a great business, and that you are a successful business owner.

But what if you aren’t accomplishing much in your business?

How will you feel if there’s been no improvement in how you run your business? What if you feel that you constantly lack money and time?

Many business owners I work with spend so much time growing their business and focusing so much on their sales and team. As a result, they’ve completely neglected their own needs and lifestyle.

Does this sound like you?

If you feel this way, it’s time to start thinking about the…

  • Changes you need to make
  • Things you need to do in 2018 that you didn’t do in 2017
  • Strategies you will need in place
  • Those you need to improve ‘you’ as a business owner

But before trying any changes, you need to understand what your goal as a business owner is. And in my experience, that boils down to two things: getting TIME and MONEY for yourself.

My mantra is that at a fundamental level, every goal you have as a business owner can be boiled down to two things: TIME to live your ideal lifestyle and the MONEY to enable that lifestyle.

For example:

Goal My Solution
I want to go on holiday more More Time
I want to spend more time with my family More Time
I want to work less hours More Money (buy some staff!)
I didn’t make any progress in 2017 More time (to focus on strategy)

What is a ‘good’ business owner?

Don’t judge a business (or its owner) by the cover!

Some people believe they are a good business owner if they have good revenue, a big team, and a nice car.

They may look the part… but are they really successful business owners? You don’t know what may be going on behind office doors!

  • Got great revenue? Excellent – but do you have money for yourself?
  • Got a great car? Excellent – but is there money in your account?
  • Got a big team? Excellent – but if you’re not in, does everything fall apart?

In my experience, a good business owner isn’t defined by any of the superficial things above. Because like I said before, on a fundamental level, a good business ownership is about maximising two things: Money and Time.

That’s the metric I work on in terms of outcomes. If you can say “I have plenty of spare time and I have money in the bank,” then I’ve done my job and you are a successful business owner.

If not, however, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional.

That’s where I come in. As a Business Owner Coach, I help you get your time back so you can live your ideal lifestyle. To do that, I start by turning your business and you as an owner around.

But what’s the difference between a business owner coach and a business coach?

Well… a lot and here’s the difference:

Business Coach Expertise

“But I already have a business coach!” you might protest.

I’m certainly not opposed to the idea of a business coach. I think they play a huge role in turning your business around and helping your business become a success.

Usually, a business coach’s expertise is to make sure everything is running well within your organization. An excellent business coach can help you with:

  • Business planning and budgeting
  • Business strategy execution
  • Effective Organisational Goal Setting

As a business owner, I don’t blame you for looking everywhere for advice on how to improve your business – in fact, I think it’s great idea for your business. A business coach, in particular, can be a boon for your business – they may have helped you optimise operations and planning at your business.

But can you say that your business coach has helped you improve you?

YOUR Business Owner Coach

A Business Owner Coach, on the other hand, does much more than just care for your  business’ operations, processes, and strategies. As a business owner, many of the problems you might face in your business won’t come from your plans, systems or strategy – they come from you.

Whether it’s your business acumen, your soft skills or your mentality towards your role as business owner, I find that many business problems can be traced back to business owners.

That’s why a business owner coach is focused on improving YOU as the business owner.

One common complaint I see in many of the business owners that come to me is a feeling of tiredness. More often than not, they have been going on for a while and they just don’t feel the drive to keep fighting on… but they do because they “have to.”

Here’s a piece of insight: if your business is running well, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger!

Part of getting to this stage is creating effective systems, planning and hiring the right people – classic business coach material.

The second part of getting more money – and more importantly, time – out of your business is by making changes to your attitude and approach as a business owner. Many business owners believe that as owners, they just have to be present in every single aspect of their business. That they have to be in the back room 24/7 or managing stock, or doing the bookkeeping themselves.

Business owner coaching is all about breaking this mindset whenever possible. While it starts with developing systems and plans with a focus on realising your ideal lifestyle, once you have the freedom to take your hands off the steering wheel, I build essential soft skills like delegation and leadership to keep the momentum going forward.

Finally, I help business owners to break away from the habit of involving themselves in every aspect of the business. I encourage owners to trust their staff to run things for them so they can spend more time on more important areas of their business… or on themselves.

Because in the end, the measure of success for any business owner should be whether you have time and money to pursue your own personal goals. And if you don’t have either of these things in abundance, it may be time to look for professional help.

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