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How can I help business owners become leaders?

How can I help business owners become leaders?

As a business mentor, my goal is to help you become a better business OWNER. Unlike a regular business coach, my focus is on YOU.

Part of being a Melbourne business coach is helping you wrap your head around your business, finding more time for you, and earning more money to support your dream lifestyle.

Another part of that is teaching you essential business owner skills and instilling the right qualities to help you succeed.

Because while I can help you get your time and money back, I’m not always going to be there to help you make decisions. Our coaching relationship may come to an end once you reach your goal, or you may decide that you are well on the way to becoming a better business owner.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on changing the mindsets of my clients and teaching them valuable business owner skills. As a business owner, the final call is yours. And if you want your decisions to continue making you money and buying back your time to live the life of your dreams, you might need a complete mind shift.

A Melbourne business Mentor can help you in this aspect. He can even do more than just that!

What is leadership?

Ask any business mentor what leadership is and they’ll give you a cookie-cutter explanation that it’s about making decisions and convincing people to get behind you.

As a business coach, I disagree.

While that might be what a leader does, they don’t describe what leadership is.

So what is leadership then?

In my opinion, leadership is a state of being. Everybody makes decisions. But what separates leaders from John Citizen choosing between spaghetti or fettuccine is that leaders have goals. They are fierce, bold and ready to make hard calls to achieve those goals.

In short, leadership isn’t in the actions you take. Rather, it’s in the attitude, approach and values you take to taking those actions. In the end, effective leadership is all about YOU, the business owner.

A business coach/mentor does more than just get you the time and money to live your dream lifestyle. A good mentor also leaves you with the leadership skills and qualities that you’ll need as a business owner to continue taking your business forward and getting more money and time, even after the coaching relationship has come to an end.

Learn essential leadership skills

There’s more to business ownership than being the business owner.  It’s also about being a leader and being a great one at that.

At the risk of sounding “life-coachy”, a great leader is someone who works with the team and not over or above them.  It’s about understanding the people who work for you, inspiring others and motivating and influencing your team positively.

What does this have to do with time and money?

Quite a bit – effective leaders can build effective teams who are more willing to put in the hard yards and help you reach your goals.

I always talk about the importance of having good people as part of your team and how good help gets you your time back so you can achieve your dream lifestyle.

I don’t need to tell you that staff who are totally sold on you and your ideas work harder and are much more willing to go the extra mile for you… they might even be the source of some fantastic money-generating or time-saving ideas!

There’s a saying in management circles: people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers – but the reverse is true. While there are some people who are naturally like this, in most cases people only put in this extra level of effort when they truly believe in YOU.

Not to mention, it can make delegating essential tasks a whole load more palatable!

I teach all my clients leadership skills and share the essential qualities of a good leader that you’ll need to make the right decisions going forward to keep making money from your business and buying back your time.

Good leadership includes being organised

As a business owner, you may find yourself juggling a number of different hats in your typical day – head honcho, business head, problem-solver, and any other responsibilities that you may have in your business.

Many small business owners, in particular, come to me complaining that they are overworked and have no time to chase their dream lifestyle. Invariably, when I start asking questions and doing a deep dive into their circumstances, I find that many of them are doing everything in their business on their own – even when they have a full team to do things for them!

This is where a business mentor comes in.

Effective leaders do more than just being the guiding light for your team – organisation is essential for good leaders.

After all, if good leadership is all about reaching goals, then it goes without saying that a degree of organisation to make sure these goals come to fruition is essential.

After doing a deep dive into your goals and your business, I look at my clients’ businesses. In particular, I look at what goes on at a day-to-day level, the routine tasks that happen and what we can do to automate and streamline your business processes.

By looking at your processes and creating systems for your business, I help you achieve business outcomes – higher profits, growth, and revenue. And with more money comes a bigger team to take more work off your hands.

Not to mention, efficient systems, organisation, and procedures can save you valuable work hours. That means more free time to pursue your dream lifestyle.

With these comes more money for your business… and with more money comes more time for YOU to live your dream lifestyle.

Be decisive

When we think of great leaders, we think of decisive men and women whose quick thinking and actions changed the course of human history.

While your decisions as a business owner might not be at quite that level just yet, the ability to look at different alternative options and take quick action is key to effective leadership.

As a business owner and leader, you may face a number of tough calls and decisions. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one person – some business owners might actually fear the process of making important business decisions, procrastinating for a long time and leaving things at the last minute.

Leadership is all about making decisions and putting them into action. Decisiveness is essential for effective business owners.

If you struggle with determining the right course of action, working with a business mentor in Melbourne can help. I do this by teaching all my clients to evaluate all business-related decisions relative to two things. Can you guess what they are?

If you guessed TIME and MONEY, you’re 100% correct.

Does this decision make you more money? Will it save you time? Or will it just do the opposite? And if something is just a time or money sink, should you think about cutting your losses?

Evaluating your options through the lens of time and money can help you make the right decisions for your business and for your dream lifestyle. It will not always be easy to make decisive decisions. But I find that in many cases when business owners look at every business decision through this lens, they tend to end up making much better decisions.

Looking for a Business coach Melbourne who can help you become a better leader?

While the amount of time and money you have may be the ultimate measure of your success as a business owner, I also work with business owners to turn them from managers into leaders.

Leadership is essential in business. And it starts with YOU, the business owner.

If you want to make a change, don’t wait – call me now on 0419-352-540 to become the leader you ought to be.

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