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Qualities to look for in a business owner coach

Qualities to look for in a business owner coach

As a business owner coach,  I will always ask my client the following questions:

Do you find yourself working insane for hours trying to make more money but still can’t seem to make ends meet?

Is the money you make from your business insufficient to power your dream lifestyle?

Or do you simply feel overwhelmed, and find running a business stressful and challenging?

As I’ve said before, making more money and buying yourself more time is the ultimate goal of any business owner. And while that might sound straightforward, getting there is a completely different story. Can you confidently say you’re reaching that goal on your own?

If the answer is no, it might be time to hire a Melbourne business coach to get you back on track.

What does a Business Owner Coach do?

I find that while most business owners understand how a business coach helps them, not as many understand how a business owner coach can help them.

While there is a sizeable overlap with a business coach, a business owner coach does much more than just improve your business processes. Rather, a small business owner coach improves your business with an eye towards obtaining your specific dreams as a business owner, as well as helping you make changes to your own habits and soft skills to empower you.

Because not all problems in business come from the business itself. In some cases, the root cause of the problem can be you, the owner. And fixing these underlying issues requires a very different approach from your run-of-the-mill business coach.

Whether you have owned your business owner for decades, run a new start-up or fall somewhere in the middle, a business owner coach can help you turn your business – and your life – around.

More important than simply hiring a business owner coach is finding the right one for your business. Before you sign any dotted lines, here are some of the important qualities to keep in mind when on the prowl for a good business owner coach:

Experienced is everything

I’m willing to bet that it’s one of the first things you look at when hiring a new staff member, looking for a plumber to fix that leaky tap or vetting potential business partners.

It goes without saying that experience is key. And naturally, finding the right business owner coach is not an exception.

Here’s how I see it: the path towards getting your time back and making enough money to live your dream life is not the same between businesses and business owners. It goes beyond just your business – different industries and sectors might have different quirks, or attract certain personalities.

While listening intently to you to gain an understanding of your industry and product is one of the keys to set you on the path towards time and money, practical experience working with different business owners and their different businesses are also essential.

Perhaps one particular strategy towards earning more money won’t work in certain industries.

Or perhaps other disciplines require a vastly different mindset and soft skills from you, the business owner.

The takeaway is that one size does not fit all… especially in business owner coaching.

Take me for instance. I have learned through experience that since the coaching relationship is done on a one-on-one basis, understanding, trust, and cooperation are essential. And that means that the and client don’t only have to understand each other – we also have to like each other.

Because if I don’t like you or vice-versa, can we really say that you will listen to me?

That’s the type of insight that only comes with years of experience as a business owner coach.

And that’s why your business owner coach needs a comprehensive portfolio of successes from a range of business owners and industries. Experience means a better understanding of what ideas work and what don’t. And that could be the difference between getting your time and money back or wasting it on a business owner coach that isn’t delivering you results.

A good coach is Trustworthy

I’m going to be open with you – when you start working with a business owner coach, you can’t afford to hold back any details or information.

Your business owner coach will need to know everything about your business, how you operate as a business owner and your personality. It may come across as invasive, but it is essential in understanding the issues you’re having and how we can help you overcome them.

And you can’t do that without trust.

The business coaching relationship is built on mutual trust.  in order to honestly evaluate mistakes, flaws, and outcomes. The relationship should be a two-way street where you can be yourself with your business coach without pretensions.

In turn, your business owner coach should be able to keep all information confidential and must be able to communicate the harsh truth about your business and your lifestyle. A certain approach can only come from a trustworthy business owner coach who is willing to protect the client by all means.

A good coach is a good listener

I find that the first stage of a strong teacher-student relationship is a deep understanding between both parties.

It’s not the 1950’s anymore. Nowadays, we expect more from our teachers: instead of simply regurgitating information to children, we expect teachers to understand each child’s unique needs and to cater to them.

Business owner coaching is no different.

Your business is not identical to others. You are not the same as other business owners.

As a result, I approach every client I work with using a different approach. The first step in diagnosing your issues and prescribing bespoke solutions is gaining a deep understanding of you and the business you own.

And that necessitates excellent listening skills.

Any detail related to you should be known and remembered by your business owner coach… they need to empathise, sympathise, and show interest in what you are saying.

I find that more often than not, being a good listener starts with asking the right questions. There could be some things even you mightn’t know about yourself, your goals or your business unless prodded in that direction by someone else – a good business owner coach should be able to draw these answers from you in order to derive the right approach or advice in your situation.

Find a business owner coach who ticks all the boxes

Business may be simple – you sell goods and services to get time and money – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Quite the opposite… business can be quite hard.

That’s why it’s important to get the right help. And I’m not just talking about staff!

If you feel like you and your business need help turning things around, a business owner coach might be in order.  Give me a call today, and I’ll help you turn things around.

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