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Time and Money: The most important things for business owners

Time and Money: The most important things for business owners

There are many outcomes and goals that Business Owners want to achieve but, for a business owner coach like me, it all comes down to Money and Time. 

Many business owners seem fixated on chasing growth figures or the size of the bank balance as measures of their success. While those things are very nice, I believe that the true measure of an effective business owner is more fundamental than that.

In the end, your business should exist to give you Money and Time to live the lifestyle that you want. Effective Business Ownership should be focused on this.

I always say ‘business is not complicated,’ and I mean it. You may not agree with me – but I believe that once we boil the outcomes down to Money and Time, it’s fundamentally true.

And if you set your goals on that basis, things become much simpler.

Money First – the most important thing for a Business Owner to have

Why Money? Because it buys more time. With money comes the power to get the right help in running your business. It frees up your time and, most importantly, allows you to start living the life that you want.

In short, money should be looked at as the means to live the lifestyle you want, and NOT as a goal in itself.

But it can’t possibly be that easy, can it? And perhaps it is overly simplified – but that is my rule as a Business Owner Coach.

So, the first thing we work on is getting you more money.

Firstly, because without money, you can’t buy the things you need to build the lifestyle you want.

Secondly, because having more money unlocks the ability to spend more time away from your business. More money means more help, and that means less weight on your shoulders as the owner.

Of course, there is lots of work that goes into getting more money. But that is exactly how a business owner coach can help. I help you, the business owner, set and implement strategies to get more money.

Then we look at how to use that money to get you more time.

More Time – what a Business Owner can have once they get more money!

The ultimate sign of a successful business owner: their business makes money and runs without the need to do any of the grunt-work themselves.

After all, at its core business ownership is a means to improve your lifestyle and spending more time doing the things you love, whether that’s spending time with the family, exploring the world or model train sets.

If your time is spent entirely on running your business, then you can’t really say you’ve improved your style of life, can you?

The relationship between money and time is symbiotic. You can’t have one without the other. Here are some examples of how time and money relate to each other:

  • Money lets you get effective help, taking the pressure off you
  • Money reduces the need for you to do the legwork yourself

And once you have time, you can:

  • Find things that will really make your business work
  • Have a look at how to grow your business
  • Actively look for new opportunities

I am focused on you as a Business Owner – I’m not going to just talk to you about ‘Work/life Balance’. I’m here to get you more Money and more Time. Then you can do whatever you like!

How can a business owner coach help you get time and money?

In the past, I’ve often had to clarify to confused clients about the difference between a business coach and a business owner coach.

I like to distinguish them as such:

Business coach

A business coach focuses on helping you operate your business, builds technical knowledge in your team, set goals with you and aids in planning and budgeting. In other words, a business coach optimises your BUSINESS.

Business owner coach

A business owner coach, on the other hand, is focused on improving you as a business OWNER. That means, instead of only looking at your business’ strategies and processes, I will be focusing on making YOU the best OWNER you can be.

I start by getting a big picture of your ideal future: what you want your ideal life to look like and your ideal lifestyle. Once we have an idea of your ideal future, I start drilling down into whether your business is helping you to reach those goals.

As the primary means of reaching your goals, your business needs to be part of the solution.

Which takes us the next step: triage, as I like to call it. We look into the blood and guts of your operation. Why is your business taking up so much of your time? Why isn’t it making money for you? Is it poor finances, staffing, inefficient systems… or does the problem lie with you?

Finally, with your input, we create a plan.

This isn’t just any old plan. Your plan sets targets and actions to overcome all the issues identified in triage, the who and when for each point of the plan… and if these targets aren’t being reached, what we need to change in both you and your business to reach them.

If that means culling tasks that aren’t necessary, delegating more or even getting you to rethink your entire approach to your core business and business model.

It can be a long, grueling process. But my unique approach combines practical suggestions with solid theory works. You can read some of my success stories here.

If you don’t have enough time or money…

Does this problem sound an awful lot like your current situation?

If you want to turn things around at your business, you have an ally – me! Contact me now, and I’ll help you get more time and more money.

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