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Who I Help

Who We Help With Our Business Coaching Melbourne

Who I Help

The clients I help recognise the serious problems and drawbacks they have. They come to me when they are overwhelmed with stress, time pressures, and/or money pressures.

All of their businesses had serious problems to start with. They worked for their success, and I provided them with the tools, guidance, and accountability they needed to decide what they wanted and the action plan to create it.

These include one client who had not taken a holiday in over five years, but who, after just 18 months working with me, was able to spend almost 3 months in Europe without worrying about what was going on in her business.

Another business saw the owners (a couple with children) move from working a combined total of over 120 hours per week, to a total of under 60 hours, while their income multiplied and their business ran smoothly because of the strategy and systems we had implemented.

Do You Know What You Want?

These clients were not really that different from any other business owner. They came to me knowing what they didn’t want and we worked together to discover what they did want in terms of income, leisure and peace of mind.

We then worked together to create the strategy that would turn their vision into reality.

Are You Ready To Start?

A good business coach isn’t cheap, but the results you will get will recoup your investment many times over.

When I start working with a new client, we begin by determining and documenting their big picture goals and the current state of their business. Then we create a ninety-day plan of all the actions they need to take and the anticipated outcomes for the period.

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