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What is business coaching for?

The figure of the ‘business coach’ has become popular among small and medium enterprises, in which the entrepreneur often needs someone to ‘bounce’ ideas

Hiring a business coach has become an increasingly popular trend in the business environment. Unlike executive coaching (which is aimed at improving performance and enhancing the skills of the managerial staff of a company), business coaching is aimed at the entrepreneur, especially the one who leads a small or medium business and who has the challenge to grow or take your company to the next level.

The function of the business coach. Unlike the leader of a large company, which is accompanied by other specialized cadres and can count on the support of advisors and consultants, the small or medium entrepreneur can often feel ‘isolated’ or ‘alone’; that is, without the company of other collaborators within your company with whom you can exchange ideas. The coach can fill this gap and provide knowledge about other areas of business that are not dominated by the entrepreneur.

When is it necessary to hire a business coach? The prestigious magazine Forbes points out eight symptoms that you can take into account to make this decision:

1- If you feel overwhelmed by work. For example, if you feel that you work a lot and the hours of the day do not reach everyone what you have to do, or if you have the feeling that you do not control your business or your collaborators at all.

2- You need a confidant, someone with whom you can talk honestly about your concerns, ambitions and fears about your business, without fear of being exposed to your collaborators. The coach, in addition, can give you the feedback (‘feedback’) you need.

3- You know what to do, but you do not. Sometimes, even though you have a clear idea of ​​what the roadmap of your business should be, you need someone to push you to implement it. The coach can be that person.

4- You are not getting the results you want. It may be that we believe that the venture is on the right path, and the truth is that it is not. The coach can provide a different perspective to change the course.

5- You want to save time and money. The experience of a good business coach can help make the implementation of an enterprise faster and more efficient.

6- You realize that you only listen to yourself. If the only ideas that you make cases are yours, your business is in serious danger. Keep in mind that, as a leader, it is possible that your collaborators tend not to question you. It’s time to have someone else who can provide another look.

7- You feel that you do not advance and it frustrates you. It is possible that the dynamics of the work center is not correct and you do not notice it. The coach can help you to detect the problem and solve it.

8- You want your business to grow. The entrepreneur must be willing to receive new stimuli and discuss new ideas. An alternative look is always welcome.

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