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There are 4 types of business owners that need business coaching. Are you one of them?

There are 4 types of business owners that need business coaching. Are you one of them?

When it comes to your business’ success, a lot rides on YOU, the business owner. Your decisions shape your business; the way you steer your business through crises determines how your business comes out. A one-on-one business coaching might just be all you need!

Of course, you’re only human.

No matter how long you’ve been in the business world, it’s only natural to hit a bit of a slump – occasional troughs are simply part and parcel of a business owner’s business coaching in Melbourne

When these feelings persist, however… well, that’s when we start having problems. If your professional lethargy just doesn’t seem to lift, it may be a time for you to enlist the help of a business owner coach in Melbourne.

Do you identify with these types of business owners? If so, it might be time to start considering one-on-one business coaching.


Business owner #1: the drifter

Started a business but you don’t know where you are going?

Business owners need the motivation to keep them going through the tough times – it’s only human nature. And like a lot of areas in life, your business is no different.

In my experience, coherent business and life goals are what separate the highly-motivated, driven business owners from the ones that find themselves burnt-out on their businesses.

As a business owner coach, my focus is on helping you identify what your goals are and how to achieve them.  

And I’m not just talking about business goals such as “increase revenue by X% next year” either (to me, that’s more like a stepping stone). No, I focus on achieving your ideal lifestyle and helping you live it up.

If you feel aimless, I help by sitting down with you and defining your end-goals. During our one-on-one business coaching sessions, we’ll go over your passions and what you want out of your life, whether it’s:

  • Traveling the world
  • Retiring early
  • Turning your business into a passive income factory
  • Collecting stamps or take up a new hobby

Once we have a solid grasp on your life, only then can we create strategies for getting you there. 9 times out of 10, I find this new focus and structure is enough to turn even the most burnt-out business owners into real machines!


Business owner #2: the daydreamer

It’s good to have dreams to strive towards. But if all you’re doing is dreaming, you’re not doing a very good job of running your business!

We all know someone who’s full of lofty goals and big ambitions about where their business will be taking them.

Yes, dreams are important. But even the most ambitious dreams are meaningless without action to back them up.

While they’re full of great ideas, daydreamers don’t always end up following through. Many dreamers lose their drive completely when things don’t go 100% to plan or end up constantly moving the goalposts instead of focusing on one thing!

One way I help daydreamers is by focusing on breaking deeply-ingrained habits and thoughts. I combine one-on-one business coaching and actionable plans with attainable goals.

Finally, I help by giving business something to focus on: TIME and MONEY. I believe these are key to any business and in many cases, shifting a business owner’s focus to time and money instead of their business can work wonders.

If this sounds like you, a business owner coach can help.


Business owner #3: the one that doesn’t know what they’re doing

Every business owner knows that making more money is easier said than done.

My goal is to turn you into the best business owner you can be. Part of that is keeping you grounded, or providing direction.

Of course, it’s also important that you know what you’re doing!

If you feel out of your depth, a business owner coach can teach you all the essential skills to keep your business running… and ultimately, get the time and money to live your dream life.

For example, one of the most common shortcomings I see in business owners is financial mismanagement.

Not all business owners are trained bookies, after all – and that’s okay! As a business owner coach, I can help by tracking, reporting, and budgeting, as well as prescribing books or enrolling you in bookkeeping classes.

And if that doesn’t take, I help you find qualified help to take the numbers off your hands entirely.

Every business owner has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you feel like yours are stopping you from being an effective business owner,  sit down for a one-on-one session with your business owner coach. I’ll help you learn and overcome those weaknesses, or find effective workarounds.


Business owner #4: the workaholic

Late hours. Overtime. No time for your private life. Sound familiar?

It’s not uncommon for business owners to work more than 40 hours a week. While it’s not ideal, it is the reality for most business owners – before they hire a business owner coach, at least!

But if you’re working 60-hour weeks (according to a Gallup poll, that’s a whopping 39% of you), I’m afraid you might have some problems at your business.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: TIME is what separates the best business owners from the rest.

If you find yourself overworked or taking a lot of your work home, it may be time to set some time aside for a business owner coach. Your coach will help you assess and improve your time usage, giving you the opportunity to live your life again.

I do this by looking at your operations and implementing systems and procedures that save time and give you the power to delegate your work. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a golden goose – if it’s slowing things down, it needs to be looked at.

It sounds harsh, but trust me, the end result will be worth it. A business that runs by itself and doesn’t need constant input from you – how does that sound?


Contact a business owner coach in Melbourne for one-on-one business coaching!

Do you sound like one of these business owners?

If so, it’s not too late to turn things around! A lot hinges on you, the business owner – if you want the best for your business, you’ll need to be at the top of your game.

Don’t be the aimless, daydreamer, careless and overworked business owner – call The Bruce (that’s me!) today on 0419 352 540 or fill in this form to get connected!

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