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Small business coach lessons: 4 reasons your business just isn’t working

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Small business coach lessons: 4 reasons your business just isn’t working

Be honest with yourself: why are you in business? What drove you to run your own business… and most importantly, is business ownership the right path for you? Allow a small business coach to perk you up. It’s only natural that you’ll experience the occasional low in your business. Whether it’s a financial crisis or […]

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There are 4 types of business owners that need business coaching. Are you one of them?

When it comes to your business’ success, a lot rides on YOU, the business owner. Your decisions shape your business; the way you steer your business through crises determines how your business comes out. A one-on-one business coaching might just be all you need! Of course, you’re only human. No matter how long you’ve been […]

Debunking business coaching myths

Oftentimes when I introduce myself as a business owner coach, I get a lot of confused looks and double-takes: “Business owner coach? You mean a business coach, right?” As a relatively new field of business coaching, I hear a lot of myths, misconceptions and straight-up about business owner coaching. And in a lot of cases, […]

What makes a good business owner? The answer: time

When it comes to what makes a good business owner, I always narrow it down to two fundamental questions: do they have money and do they have time? Because at its core, your business exists to provide you, the owner, with money so you can attain the lifestyle YOU want, whether that’s family, adventuring around […]

Business Coaching on Implementing Systems and Procedures

It will be difficult for a company or a business to perfect its trade without workable systems and procedures. That’s why struggling business owners turn to business coaching to manage their trade effectively and efficiently. Part of this coaching relationship is to ensure that appropriate systems and procedures are in place. Imagine a chocolate factory […]

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