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The Business Success Incubator - Lite

The Business Success Incubator – Lite is intended for budding entrepreneurs who are really just
trying to get off the ground. I has a structure similar to the Business Success Incubator but is limited in investment of both money and time. As a consequence it lacks some of the depth of the longer program but links well as a first step on your journey with a Coach.

The Business Success Incubator – Lite comprises weekly, 30-minute, one-on-one, highly structured
coaching meetings delivered remotely via telephone or Zoom, for a total of 4 sessions over 4 weeks. Plus limited email support to answer your questions that come up between calls.

We’ll use our time to show you how to devise a plan to get you out of the workplace and onto the first rung of the success ladder. As this is a limited-Coach-involvement type program you must be committed to making it work. Because you know that a lifetime spent working for others is not for you, read on…



the Dos and Don’ts of Getting your Business off the ground

Assistance and guidance with choosing the right structure for your business model. Identifying your longer term goals as well as what needs to be done right now to get you on the path you need to make it work.
Understanding of business finance and what you might need to do to close any gaps in your knowledge.



what works and what doesn’t

Direction and instruction in how to build a marketing calendar to use when your business is off the ground. This I necessary so that you can correctly allocate enough time to this essential work without needing to spend time in research that you will need in other areas. We’ll also work out what you need to do to refine your marketing strategies and identify those that might give you the best value as soon as you get your business started.



what you must know about selling

You’ll learn basic sales skills and the art of the sales call. We’ll also show you how to identify a sales
advancement and a sales delay, and what to do about both. You can also expect to be asked to undertakesales practice work and possibly even sales education opportunities. Depending on your business sector, you may also be directed towards sales training sessions.



the whirlpool in the river

You are expected to already understand this area of your business, but we’ll flesh out any challenges you might face. We’ll particularly look for ways to control how much of your time the operations of your
business will demand. The intention here is for you to be able to confidently create a plan to separate yourself from the paid workforce. And you’ll have a clear understanding of what you will need to do before the exciting day where you get to hand in your resignation knowing that you will never have to look back.

The Rules of the Game

All sessions are delivered remotely

A hard limit of 30 minutes per session is applied

Email Coach responses are limited to one per week

All four sessions must be delivered consecutively

Program is only offered via the website and paid in advance via PayPal

Client chooses available time to start via Calendly link

Fee is $590 plus GST

My guarantee...

Work with me using my unique Frame-Work for business owners
and if we don't make you more money than we cost...

We'll work for free until you do.*

*terms and conditions apply

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