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Start 2020 on the right foot with a business coach in Melbourne

Start 2020 on the right foot with a business coach in Melbourne

What’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions?

In addition to the usual suspects (going to the gym, reading more, etc), many business may have other resolutions have another: become a better business owner.

Of course, that’s a lot easier than done! Becoming a better business owner requires a lot of:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Changes
  • Planning

However, it is possible!

When it comes to becoming a better business owner, a business coach in Melbourne is your secret weapon. They can help you reach your goals by…

1) Reviewing your business plan

Have you started your business without a business plan?

Well, it’s never too late to create one!

A business plan is critical – as a big picture type of document, it lays out everything including your:

  • Target market
  • Business goals
  • Long-term plan
  • Growth target

Luckily, most businesses have one in place. The problem? Not all of them get around to reviewing and modifying it over time!

As a business owner, you know that it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next. Things move fast, and your plans need to change to keep up.

As such, one of the first steps in business coaching is taking a look at your master plan.

Not only does this tell me whether your business needs intervention (and what sort), but it also tells us  whether your plan needs changing too!

In the past, I’ve worked with small business owners to modify their plans, sometimes even completely changing the nature of their businesses:

  • Redefining your core “product” and what customers want
  • Reassessing your target market
  • Looking at your position in the market
  • Evaluating your goals and making changes if needed

Thoughtful young female business owner in front of laptop.

2) Breaking bad habits

Sometimes, businesses don’t struggle because of rough circumstances or bad luck – in some cases, it’s all down to bad habits on your part.

This is especially true in small businesses and small business coaching, where the actions of the owner (read: you) has a much more direct impact on business than, say, Microsoft.

As such, your bad habits don’t just affect you anymore – they affect your entire business.

Old and bad habits such as procrastination, disorganisation and micromanaging can hurt big time. One that I see a lot in small business owners is this compulsion to do everything on their own. While great, it presents some issues:

  • You mightn’t be the best person for the job
  • Learning tasks outside of your skillset takes time
  • You open yourself up to making mistakes
  • It adds more work to your plate and takes time off your hands

The thing with bad habits is that they’re strongly ingrained – you might not even notice that you have them.

A business coach in Melbourne provides an unbiased look at your habits. This is the first step towards breaking them.

On top of that however, I also provide you the tools and advice you need to break these habits.

For business owners who spend too much hands-on time at their business, that might include implementing systems that automate time sinks like bookkeeping, or finding ways to hand some of your tasks to the rest of your team.

Backpacker couple standing on hill looking at sky

3) Do everything with an eye towards your end-goal

Why are you in business? The answer: to enable you to lead your ideal lifestyle.

Whether it’s by earning you the money to fund your dream life or to get more time and control to yourself, when you break it down your business exists to empower your dream life.

Or at least, it should!

The issue is that many business owners lose sight of this in the day-to-day minutia. Their goals end up drifting away from their dream life. Worse, without this overarching goal, they become washed-up and tired.

One of the most important things your Melbourne business coach does is help you get your focus back on you, and how your business can help you get to where you want. That’s why during our first meeting, I focus on what you want from your life and how your business fits into that picture.

4) Getting you more time and money

If you ask me, the two biggest signs of a successful business owner are TIME and MONEY.

You might have a fancy car… but did you have to go deep into debt to fund it?

Your businesses may have a large team… but does that team fall apart when you’re not there?

You’re making money hand over fist… but do you have any time to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

To really call yourself successful, you need to have both of these things. The problem is that many business owners get tunnel vision and focus solely on the money side of the equation.

Not only does your Melbourne business coach help you shift your focus to the big picture, but we’ll help you get there too!

Each of the other things we do (see above), we do with the purpose of earning you more money. And with that, you can use that money to “buy back” your time, letting you live the life you’ve always wanted.

Take your business to new heights in 2020!

Talk to a business coach in Melbourne today!

This year’s the year. You too can become a better business owner… with the help of a Melbourne business coach, of course!

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of different small business owners in countless industries turn things around.

My unique process only takes six hours, split over four 90-minute sessions. These lay the groundwork and provide the tools to start enjoying:

  • More money
  • More time
  • A better lifestyle

After that, we decide whether you’re good to head off on your own or if you need ongoing coaching.

Eager to start? Contact me, Bruce Frame, today at 0419 352 540 to become a better business owner.

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