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Introducing my new business coaching book: So… How’s Business?

Introducing my new business coaching book: So… How’s Business?

Have you ever wondered why your business doesn’t seem to give you the lifestyle that you want?

You’ll find the answers (and so much more) in my new book, So… How’s Business?

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Not only will you learn why your business is not giving you the lifestyle that you want, you will discover, perhaps most importantly, the actions you need to take and the systems you need to implement to take to make a change.

Through 14 engaging chapters, you’ll learn:

  • The process I implement within my own clients to transform their businesses
  • How we work together to identify the biggest problems within a business
  • The preliminary actions and practical tools you need to propel you from where you are to where you want to be

The three core problems

When I dive deeper with my clients, I discovered there were three common problems that seemed to be at the core of people’s reservations towards the state of their business.

Business owners felt that:

  1. Their business is not making them the money that they want or need
  2. Their business is making them good money, but it’s taking up all their time
  3. Their employees are driving them crazy!

Do you relate to any or all of the above?


“That will never work in my business”

At the core, all businesses – in all industries – have the same features:

  • They all buy things
  • They all sell things
  • Some add value and some do not

Lateral thinking and cross-pollination are two terms I will use interchangeable when describing the way that any business can look to another – even one outside its industry – for ideas on business improvement.

You’ll learn more about looking beyond your industry in my book. This process introduces new and relevant ideas, helping you create a more unique business within your own industry.


Order your copy of So… How’s Business?

I am excited that what’s become a two-year project is now available for you to own!

In this book, you will discover:

  • Why your business doesn’t give you the lifestyle you want
  • What you can do to ensure it DOES give you the lifestyle you want
  • Whether you can do it on your own

Get your own copy of So… How’s Business today! Order now!

Download a chapter of my book now!

Get a taste of what’s on offer in So… How’s Business? by downloading chapter 5 for free! This chapter, The astronaut, the train driver, and the sniper, looks at the transition we sometimes naturally make within a business from an employee to a manager or owner.

I also talk through some important truths we must identify in order to become in control, and share a story of a past client – we’ll call him Jim – and how he needed to gain clarity on tasks that were important, urgent, or both.

Download your free sample here.


Next steps…

“Activity produces momentum and momentum produces results”

I have to be honest with you: most of the time, someone can read a book and learn what they need to do, but they are unlikely to do it on their own. They often require a coach – a mentor – that compels them to execute the strategies and systems you will learn in my book.

Once you have read through your own copy of So… How’s Business? I want you to honestly assess whether you will take what you have learnt and put it into practice.

If the answer is an honest “no”, remember that you’re not the only one. I mention in the book a Chinese saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” It’s the same with coaching… Not until you are ready.

Are you ready?

After reading my book, I hope you will have a better understanding of what needs to change within your business. Perhaps you even know how you may make those changes. But if it stops there, and you can honestly admit that you will not do it without help, contact me today.

I want to meet you and learn about your business – let’s set up a time to talk! Call me now or fill in this form.

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