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Personality clash: why it’s important that you hit it off with your small business coach

Personality clash: why it’s important that you hit it off with your small business coach

Can you take a guess as to what decides how well your small business coaching goes?

No, it isn’t your business goals.

Nor is it your finances.

It isn’t even the current state of your business!

Believe it or not, the answer is actually your small business coach’s personality.

Personality? Why should that matter when you’re here for help with your business? How does personality come into the picture?

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It’s all about trust

Your small business coach is giving you advice for how to turn things around. But if you don’t trust your small business coach, can you really put your faith in what they say?

Even if you can see that your small business coach is pitching some objectively well thought-out ideas, it can be hard to actually follow through if their personality just doesn’t sit right with you.

That’s because small business coaching isn’t just about fixing problems with your systems and processes – it’s about helping you enjoy the life you want to lead. You’ll have to be open and up-front about what it is you want from your business and life. You may hear some hard truths.

I know that’s challenging. Add in an abrasive personality and it’s easy to just switch off and think “I don’t need to listen to you”.

Unfortunately, this hurdle stops many business owners from being able to turn their businesses (and their lives) around.

Sure, you can still get results even if you don’t immediately hit it off with your small business coach. However, it’s much easier if your personalities match right off the bat!

Your small business coach has a unique style

Each small business coach has their own backstory. They come from different industries, possess individual experiences and as such, have their own unique approaches to coaching.

The problem is that these unique approaches mightn’t work for every single business owner out there.

And if you just don’t click with your small business coach’s unique style, you may not get the result you want.

Take myself as an example. I fancy myself a straight-shooter; previous clients have described my system as a “tough love” approach to coaching. However, this won’t work for everyone.

That’s why personality is so important. By getting a good gauge of your personality, your small business coach can tailor their approach to suit you.

For example, if you need a straight shooter, they can accommodate. Alternatively, if you respond better to a more collaborative approach, your small business coach can take a less blunt approach.

When sussing out your personality, your small business coach is determining whether or not their approach will work for you. If it does, great – if not, they might need to change tack or mix things up.

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More than just small business coaching

Unlike other small business coaches, I don’t just look at how to improve your business…

With most large corporations, the owner’s quirks (positive or otherwise) have little bearing on how the company is run.

Not so with small businesses.

As a small business owner, you’re simultaneously the manager, strategist, salesperson and more. Your influence can be found in every aspect of the business – as such, it’s just as important that your small business coach identifies and fixes personality flaws that might be stopping your business from helping you reach your dream lifestyle.

It’s hard not to take this side of small business coaching personally. Hearing that you are what’s holding your business back is a real hit to the ego, no matter how you slice it.

A business coach whose personality you feel comfortable with makes this crucial step all the easier.

The key takeaway: personality matters when choosing a small business coach!

While you might be engaging a small business coach to help you make money and save time, in truth you’re also putting yourself and your business on the line.

That type of pressure can be hard. Having a small business coach whose personality clicks with yours makes the process a little bit easier, at least.

While I can’t say for certain our personalities will click right off the bat, what I can say is that you’ll be in good hands when you come to me, Bruce Frame, for small business coaching.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses. That isn’t an exaggeration – my list of clients is in the triple-digits.

And yours can be one of them!

Not making enough money? Is your business not getting you where you want to be? Eager to get your time back?

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