How to find the perfect small business coach in Melbourne: 4 things to look out for
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How to find the perfect small business coach in Melbourne: 4 things to look out for

How to find the perfect small business coach in Melbourne: 4 things to look out for

As a small business coach in Melbourne, I’ve worked with a lot of different businesses, big and small, and in all manner of industries.

While I do occasional work with larger corporate types, the truth is those small businesses are my favourite ones to coach.

The simple reason is that over the years, I’ve found that small businesses are better clients for business coaching:

  • They’re much nimbler than big businesses
  • There’s less institutional resistance to change
  • We generally see a much quicker turnaround

Is your small business struggling? Don’t have the time or money to live the lifestyle you want? Small business coaching can help you turn things around.

That just leaves one question: how are you supposed to go about finding the right business coach for your small business?

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Your small business coach should have real-world experience

1) Start with their experience and business acumen

Small business coaching isn’t something that just anyone can do. No two businesses are alike – each has its own unique circumstances, market and goals.

As such, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Each coaching relationship is 100% unique.

And the only place for a prospective business coach to learn what works and what doesn’t is through hands-on-experience.

Start by looking at their LinkedIn or website:

  • How many clients have they helped in the past?
  • What industries do their clients come from?
  • Do they offer testimonials? Positive reviews?

You’ll want to choose a small business coach that’s able to offer a wide breadth of experience working with a wide range of industries. This indicates a small business coach who’s able to successfully adapt to a broad range of small businesses.

And on a related note…


2) Choose a small business coach who’s been in business themselves!

They say you never truly understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

And the same goes for small business coaching!

Ideally, your small business coach in Melbourne should possess plenty of experience as a business owner himself.

Anyone can read business books and spitball a few ideas. But a coach who’s been a business owner or has spent a long time in managerial roles themselves will understand what needs to be done to put your business back on track.

Let’s use myself as an example. Before I got into business coaching, I worked in the automotive industry. I was responsible for streamlining processes and keeping Aussie manufacturers competitive against foreign imports.

During this time, I learnt that a lot of business problems can be chalked back to poorly optimised processes. As such, the first step towards reclaiming your time and money is addressing these bottlenecks.

Luckily, my experience also taught me a thing or two about setting these problems straight!

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3) Know your business and find a small business coach to match

Breadth of skills and experience matters… so does choosing a business coach that specialises in businesses similar to yours!

Ideally, you’ll choose a business coach in Melbourne that specialises in small businesses exclusively.

Take it from me: small business coaching is a completely different ball game to coaching larger businesses. A small business coach specialises in – what else? – small businesses. As a result, their style, tactics and approach are tailored towards helping smaller operations.

For example, with larger businesses, you need to content with:

  • Multiple independent departments
  • Having multiple points of contact
  • Strong institutional inertia
  • Multiple layers of management
  • Office politics

How can you tell what sort of business your small business coach works best with? They’ll tell you! Read through your coach’s materials carefully to see if they indicate what size business they generally work with.

Failing that, you could check their reviews and see if there’s a pattern there!


4) Chemistry check: why personality matters

I’ve said this several times before, but it bears repeating: you need to make sure you and your small business coach are on the same page.

The coaching relationship is based on trust, as I’ve said before. You need to trust your coach, and vice-versa. This can make or break any coaching relationship – I’ve turned away many clients in the past that just didn’t “gel” with me.

Let’s continue to use myself as an example. I fancy myself as a straight-shooter – my style is very upfront.

This won’t necessarily work with every single small business client. And that’s fine, as long as it works for you.

Fortunately, most small business coaches will have a section of their website dedicated to explaining their coaching style and philosophy. From there, you’ll be able to piece together a decent idea of their approach and whether or not it’ll work with you.

You can even check their reviews or touch base with their previous clients to learn more!


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