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How Business Coaching Melbourne Works For Companies

The coaching is an active and interpersonal learning-training individual voluntary process that aims to develop new and better skills, particularly in the area of skills and behaviors. The coach is someone who leads, who guides, who trains another. This other, called coachee , does not learn from the theoretical plane but from the practical one, adopting an active and responsible role. Quoting one of the coaching pioneers, John Whitmore, we could say that coaching helps to learn instead of teaching .

Following the above, business coaching (also called executive) is a coaching process transferred to the professional area of ​​the coached, to the behaviors in the organizational and business environment. It is not a traditional training process, nor therapy, nor mentoring nor personal consultancy (although it is close), but a training that helps develop skills and attitudes that improve professional activity from a holistic point of view (general and integral); In short, to maximize the potential of the person at the executive level. It is aimed at improving human development rather than the achievement of a specific objective or the resolution of a specific conflict.

Executive coaching is closely linked to the leadership ability and, unlike the more personal coaching, it also admits team or group sessions with the aim of training to get the maximum potential to a group, department or team of the corporation. It is usually carried out not only to improve performance but also in processes of conflict resolution, merger or improvement of cohesion and work environment among others; although its main orientation is to the global improvement of performance as it has been pointed out before.

Benefits of coaching for companies
To the group benefits already mentioned above, we must add the benefits that individual executive coaching produces.

Improves the relationship between the executive or executive with his team , his hierarchical superiors and, in general, with the entire organization.
It drives leadership , helps inspire other people.
Increase your self-awareness and help you boost your talents and strengths.
It helps to align the interests of the manager with the corporate ones , to maximize the performance and the fulfillment of the manager’s objectives.
Help the resolution of conflict os.
It has a positive impact on conciliation and time management.
Train to know how to fix better , easier and more efficient strategies and objectives .
It helps to generate and maintain commitment , responsibility and initiative.
What techniques are usually used?
There are several techniques that are often used in business coaching processes. Among others, we would highlight the group dynamics, the game of qualities, the 4X4X4 technique, etc. But if there is a technique par excellence that would be the questions.

Without a doubt it is the most used technique in coaching that, in general, bases its power on powerful questions. These transformative conversations can be applied to the group to propose individual or group growth processes. Analyzing the starting point can go to the goal to achieve trying to enhance the values ​​and opportunities and minimizing the threats and limiting beliefs of people and equipment.

Whatever the technique, it is necessary that the coacher take into account issues such as the following:

To know how to listen, in all the senses and with all the senses.
Know how to generate empathy and connect with the group.
Analyze without judgment
Be able to synthesize the comments of the group and articulate them to reach a consensus among all.
Believe in the capacity of people and the group.
Accompany in individual internal and group processes that arise.
Invite to leave the comfort zone.
Coaching examples for companies
Currently coaching is widespread in all layers of society. From large companies such as Nestlé or Siemens to SMEs, including Public Administrations, politicians, senior executives or athletes, are increasingly adept at this form of personal and professional growth that helps us in our process of personal improvement towards excellence. Coaching is also used in very different situations: by taking on a new job challenge, in processes of professional stagnation or conflicts. Also in situations, including dismissal, to facilitate the relocation of affected workers.

This is the coaching. A path of improvement with a multitude of utilities that helps achieve excellence, but also personal balance and, why not say it, happiness.

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