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The way I see it, business mentoring is different from coaching.

While on the surface they sound the same, business mentoring and business coaching are very different.

In my experience, the distinction is that:

  • Mentoring is more reactive where I am responding to my clients’ requests and requirements
  • Mentoring moves at a slower pace
  • Mentoring takes longer when it comes to process (meetings) as each one stands alone

Coaching is proactive where I am leading my client toward their goals. And in terms of frequency, coaching meetings that are more than two weeks apart don’t really work.

While it may take longer to process, mentoring can mean less frequent sessions. It can be done monthly and even as little as quarterly and still be beneficial.

Over time, a good coaching relationship can evolve into a good mentoring relationship. Some of the best clients I have ever had over the last fifteen years have moved on to mentoring. And some of those have even gone on to develop their own coaching business.

Your role as the mentee

To become a successful mentee, you must be:

  • Highly self-motivated and disciplined
  • Able to independently produce your own goals and milestones
  • Prepared to apply and act on systems and direction without follow-up
  • Ready to take responsibility for your own actions and outcomes

And in order to drive the process forward for both your coach and your team, you must also be:

  • Willing to take the leadership role in the coaching relationship
  • Willing to take the knowledge and experience that you gain and share it with others in your team
  • Clear in your vision for the future of your business
  • The champion, battle flag and chief storyteller of that vision – in short you must become the leader your team rallies around and follows

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