Business coaching helps implement effective systems and procedures
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Business Coaching on Implementing Systems and Procedures

Business Coaching on Implementing Systems and Procedures

It will be difficult for a company or a business to perfect its trade without workable systems and procedures.

That’s why struggling business owners turn to business coaching to manage their trade effectively and efficiently.

Part of this coaching relationship is to ensure that appropriate systems and procedures are in place.

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Imagine a chocolate factory that ships hundreds of boxes of sweets every day to local and international clients. Do you think the company can provide identical quality products to its clients without its existing systems and procedures?

Will it be easier for taxpayers if they won’t have to follow a process when filing their income tax?

What do you think will happen if the crews of McDonald’s, KFC, Baskin-Robbins or Subway, suddenly stop following their procedures?

Systems and procedures are placed to make it easier for business and organizations to create consistency. It urges employees in a business to follow policies and process to maintain a high level of efficiency.

In essence, these systems and procedures will make or break how a company or business performs. These are the main building blocks of businesses.

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Examples of Systems and Procedures

First, a Struggle

I think I should start with a struggle. I worked with a client some years ago who spent an awful lot of time working at how to make his payroll system work. He was forced to do that since the lady who was doing it was pregnant. She had to go on leave. We knew that we’re going to have to do it.

So we put a great deal of time into working out how does the payroll system work. How does everyone get paid? I think they used Quick Books. How does that all interlink and how does it work with the bank accounts and so forth?

We brought the owner’s wife in as we were writing it all down. She sat down with us and used that system to pay the whole team on one particular pay cycle.

The system worked.

We made a couple of minor operations but it all worked.  Then, in due course, the person responsible for that actually did go on leave. We, then, went looking for the system, but couldn’t find it.

That’s one of the problems that you can have with systems.

You need a system for storing your systems. If you’re going to create systems, come up with a way of looking after them. They are the intellectual property of your business. They’re what make your business worth more than just the physical assets and contracts.

Think about it.

What are you doing with these systems? Where do you store them? How do you look after them?

Systematizing Your Business

This particular business had a high retail operation. It employed a lot of people in both the casual, permanent, and permanent part-time role.

There was a lot of different people who were in the business at different times, which makes it crucial to have some systems were in place.

However, the owner was time-poor. As a result, there was a very great deal of pressure on how to get the systems written.

The lady I referred to earlier actually came up with this idea. So, we offered $100 to anyone who can completely systematize their own job. We looked for someone who can write the systems for their entire job.

Fortunately, it took less than two weeks and we had every system in the business written and ready to go.

All we had to do was read through them, edit them and the response was fabulous. The work was done. It was done properly. It was done by the people who used the systems so we knew they were right.

All we had to do was edit them to improve them. We also had to put them in place and set them running. And, that’s it.

It would have been a lot easier if the business owner realized much earlier the significance of a having a business coach.

An accomplished business coach like me could make it easier for business owners like you to straighten out any loose edges in your business.

With my unique business framework, I can help you spot problematic angles in your life and in your business. In the end, you don’t only have workable and effective systems and procedures in place, you get to earn more time and money as well.

Business coaching makes it easier for business owners to establish, employ, and evaluate systems and procedures.

If you find it difficult to hold everything in your business at the moment, maybe its time you seek help.

If you are unsure where your business is headed and would like to have someone to help you sort out your business, call BRUCE today.

An experienced Melbourne business coach like me can help you put actionable systems and procedures in time.


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