A business coach in Melbourne explains coaching vs owner coaching
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Business coaching vs business owner coaching – what’s the difference? A business coach in Melbourne explains

Business coaching vs business owner coaching – what’s the difference? A business coach in Melbourne explains

I make a big deal of how I’m a business OWNER coach rather than just a business coach. But what makes that different all any other business coach in Melbourne?

Business coach.

Business owner coach.

business coach in melbourne

The distinction between the two is an important one. While there’s only a single word difference, that single extra word represents a total change in focus and end-goal between the two.

And that means different approaches, different solutions, and different outcomes. If you need help with your business, it’s important you choose the right help.

While I pitch myself as a business owner coach first and foremost, I offer both services. And as someone with a background in both of these similar areas, I feel like I’m pretty well placed to explain the difference between the two.

So, what exactly separates a business coach from a business owner coach? It’s important that you know – you wouldn’t want to get the wrong person for the job, especially when it comes to your business!

Long story short…

Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to, what’s the big deal? The difference between business coach and business owner coach might only be a single word, but that word makes a world of difference.

A business coach is someone who helps business owners improve their business. Their focus is on improving the numbers, getting more growth and making your operations run more smoothly.

On the other hand, a business owner coach focuses on improving business owners.

Rather than focusing on improving your business, a business owner coach focuses on improving you. Your business owner coach will focus on reaching your maximum potential and helping you get where you want to go.

Our goals are YOUR goals

What’s your end-goal as a business owner? I’m not talking about your end-of-year goals or your expansion plans – rather I’m asking about what YOU want from your life.

Do you want to:

  • Retire early?
  • Go on a cruise around the world?
  • Become an artist and spend your days painting?
  • Move to the country?

A business coach focuses on getting you money. However, when it comes to your goals, many business coaches are strangely absent from the discussion.

As a business owner coach, I work closely with you to define your specific life goals and work towards them. Many business owners feel stuck in a grind because they have nothing to work towards – by helping to identify and verbalise their life goals, a business owner coach can help give you purpose.

Additionally, the plans and strategies your business owner coach builds are tailored to meet your specific goals and time frame.

For example, a model train habit or shift to part-time work might require a stable, ongoing flow of income to sustain.

On the other hand, a complete sea change might require a lot of money at once for a new property in the country.

A business coach improves your numbers – but oftentimes, you’ll need a very exact value, or you might have an ideal timeframe. And without the specific, tailored approach a business owner coach takes, you might not reach your goals in the time you want.

Unlock your full potential

Business owners are many things: manager, chief strategist, main salesperson, fixer of problems… and ideally, you’ll also be a leader, visionary and entrepreneur.

Your business owner coach is focused on helping you, the business owners. And oftentimes, that means encouraging and fostering important leadership, entrepreneurial and technical skills!

Your business owner coach might:

  • Prescribe self-help readings
  • Encourage certain traits
  • Connect you with mentors and role-models
  • Enroll you in relevant technical courses

A Melbourne business coach can also help your small or medium business determine what you can learn and what you can’t.

There might be some skills you simply can’t pick up, no matter how hard you try – many people aren’t wired for numbers, for example.

Instead of wasting time trying to impart accounting skills, your Melbourne business coach will prioritise what you’re good at and will help you find competent helpers to fill in the gaps.

It’s a cliche, but time is money!

While hackneyed, it’s 100% true. Despite that, few business coaches give much attention to TIME, instead focusing on the money.

I have a mantra: what separates a good business owner from an unsuccessful one is TIME.

Here’s my reasoning. The purpose of your business at the end of the day is to empower you to reach your life goals. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have the time to do what you want, your life goals aren’t going to be achieved.

Credit where it’s due, it’s not like business coaches don’t know this. They know that time’s important – however, it always plays second fiddle to money.

A business owner coach gives time the focus it deserves – namely, that it should be front and centre for any business owner.

Your business owner coach will help optimise your processes and build systems with an eye towards getting you your time back. Ideally, these systems are so good, you won’t even need to be around!

Additionally, a business owner coach can help you get time back by helping you identify areas you can’t do yourself… and sometimes, areas you don’t need to look after yourself.

You’re the business owner – why should you still be working in the frontlines when you have staff who can take care of that for you? Why should you waste time trying to wrap your head around business functions you’re just not trained in?

Do you need a business coach… or a business OWNER coach?

You wouldn’t use a hammer when a job calls for a screwdriver. And just like there are different tools for different tasks, your business might need different types of help.

I’m certainly not dismissing the merit of business coaching. Business coaching has a place, and many businesses stand to benefit from having a coach.

On the flip side, however, a business coach mightn’t be what your business needs right now!

Do you feel like:

  • Your business doesn’t fit into your life?
  • You’re not achieving your dream lifestyle?
  • You can’t carry out your responsibilities properly?
  • You lack direction?
  • You don’t have enough TIME?

As a leading business coach in Melbourne and one of the city’s leading (and only) business owner coaches, I have helped owners of small and medium businesses in all industries become better business owners.

I’m pleased to say I’ve helped countless business owners successfully turn their fortunes around!

If you think a business owner coach will help you more than a business coach, give me a call on 0419 352 540.

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