How a business coach in Melbourne helps plan your business processes!
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How does a Melbourne business coach help you plan your business processes?

How does a Melbourne business coach help you plan your business processes?

As a business coach in Melbourne, I always open by asking my clients what it is they want from their businesses.  I’ve noticed that the most common response I hear is “successful” or words to that effect. 

However, the road to success isn’t always easy in the business world. “success” is a very vague goal – how are you going to get there? What do you need to change? What hurdles need to be overcome?

This often involves careful planning – in particular, it involves coming up with efficient and effective business processes.

Why are processes important? It’s simple: how efficient your processes directly influence how much time and money you’re left with once everything’s said and done!

If you’re unsure of what to do exactly, you don’t have to do it alone. Work with a business coach in Melbourne like me, Bruce who can help you evaluate and modify your business processes.


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But first: what counts as a process?

Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Simply put, processes are anything that defines how you perform certain tasks or jobs. They are the individual steps that you go through every time you do something.

These steps might be enshrined in a rulebook and backed by policy. Or, it could be strictly a verbal arrangement. That doesn’t matter – what does matter is that the steps to do something are laid out and that your people follow it.

Without a defined set of processes, it would be difficult for you and the people working for and with you to run the business.

Processes don’t just refer to your core business, either. Any set of steps counts, from your production process, to how payroll is calculated, to invoicing!

How your Melbourne business coach implements efficient processes… and how that helps you save time and money!

Having processes in place help you get more time and money. The obvious way is by cutting time and resources spent doing anything.

Another way processes help you reach your goals is by aligning your business strategies with that of your operations. Say your goal is to retire early – you’ll need plenty of time and money for that.

With that in mind, your business coach will go through your processes with you to identify any opportunities to trim time. That means identifying bottlenecks that soak up valuable time.

Your business coach will also help you can get more time by removing you from your processes as much as possible. Is there something you’re doing which you really don’t have to? Pass it off to another member of your team!

And if it’s money you need, I can help eliminate wastage by improving your processes and increasing efficiency.

That’s not the only way of looking at your processes can help your business – here are a couple others!


Feeling overwhelmed? How processes put your business on autopilot

In my opinion, the best businesses are the ones where the owners (read: you) barely need to lift a finger.

Ideally, you’ll be able to take a week off with 100% confidence that things will run smoothly in your absence. It might even be the case where your business does all the work for you, and you barely need to lift a finger!

And that doesn’t happen without proper processes.

Let me explain.

Apart from setting out how things should be done, a process also creates structure. Processes mean each of your staff members is on the same page, regardless of their unique responsibilities, skills, and tasks.

Processes also cut down on training time – it’s much easier to teach a new hire when you have steps for everything in place instead of winging it.

Not to mention, formalised processes and policies also help with communication by reducing confusion.

The end result? More time for you to spend on doing other, more important things that only you can do… or if you’re lucky, more time off!

Handling a business that does not have a strong process structure can prove to be costly as you might find yourself dealing with fixing problems and what not.

Also, it’s a methodological approach that allows you to identify your business’s strengths and weakness, allowing you to work on factors that would need development or improvement.


How processes make your business better

Everybody wants their business to be “better” – and processes help you get there!

Let’s say you or one of your staff discovers a new way to do something. It saves money, cuts down on time… or both!

Without formalised processes, this idea might stay with that one team member. Implement these into your processes, however, and all of a sudden large parts of your business are well on the way to becoming “better”.

Working processes also help you implement your business plans and strategies.

Policies and processes serve as guidelines to your business – they directly impact the way your goals are being achieved.

Your Melbourne business coach is focused on improving your business. And that means starting with your processes:

  • So your business isn’t giving you enough time or money – is there any way we can change that by modifying your processes?
  • If the answer is “yes”, then what do we need to do?


Where should you go to improve your business’ processes?

Choose a business coach in Melbourne – choose Bruce Frame!

Just like in life, business can be pretty unpredictable and tricky. However, this doesn’t mean that business owners are powerless in their quest for success – for many, all they need is proper guidance.

So you’re a business owner, and you want to improve your business. You’ve figured out that it’s your processes slowing you down, and need help planning your processes.

You can rely on me, Bruce.

Before I became a business owner coach, I worked in the auto industry where I gained a reputation for myself streamlining systems and processes.

While it mightn’t have worked out in the end, it certainly taught me a thing or two about making things run better. I can pretty safely say that making processes more efficient and buttery smooth is in my blood!

Over the years, I have helped countless businesses owners implement and improve business processes to improve and strengthen their business operations, as well as set them on the path towards reaching their life goals.

Do you need the help of a business coach in Melbourne? Well then let’s get started – give me a call on 0419 352 540 or leave a message to start a conversation about your business processes!

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