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Managing Your Own Expectations During Triage

Managing Your Own Expectations During Triage

Managing Your Own Expectations During Triage

In Triage it is critical to remember that you won’t always get everything done.

This is very important – sometimes you will get all your work done but most of the time you won’t, and that’s OK. We are not writing the Ten Commandments when planning. This is just another application of that principle – your plan should be difficult to achieve, it should take you out of your comfort zone and it should ask more of you than you would ask of yourself. As a consequence, you are unlikely to get it all done.

A couple of quick notes here to help you ‘do it yourself’.

1) Avoid ‘Front Ending’ Your Plan

By that I mean, make sure the work is spread out over the entire three months, rather than have everything starting in the first week. I know you are keen to make changes, but if you stack it all up-front you’ll be behind before you even get a chance to make anything happen, then you will become overwhelmed and disillusioned… and then you’ll probably quit before you have a chance to see results.

2) Avoid Putting Too Much Into It Too Soon

Especially the first time that you create a 90-day plan, you should avoid putting too much into it. After all, it should be a stretch, not a punishment – you still have a business to run at the same time. In this country (and most Western countries), we are notoriously bad at overestimating what we can get done in a short time – fortunately we are equally bad at underestimating what we can achieve in a longer time.

3) Always Have One Strategy to Implement, Task to Perform or Action to Take in Every Area of Your Business

Sometimes you can have two in a single area and, on rare occasions, there could be three but there can never be four.

Ignore this at your own peril!

The final step in Triage is to put all the information together in a 1-page document that you can refer to easily and regularly.

Apply it with some creativity, if you prefer you can use your own or research an alternative format on the internet. (The Gazelles Group has some excellent templates that you can download at no cost).

Make it work for you and turn it into something you enjoy creating and look forward to using, let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy it, then it will not last.

The Purpose of Triage

The purpose of Triage is to learn where you are, where you want to be and plot a road from here to there. This is the time to be brutally honest with yourself, and to uncover all those nasty skeletons that are hiding out in dark corners. It is only when we face reality and look closely into every area of the business from financials, staffing, systems, time usage, and knowledge, that we can really identify a path out of your problems – and after all, it seems like you’re looking for a coach to help you because you know something is wrong.

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