The 3 key ingredients to a business that works without you
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The 3 key ingredients to a business that works without you

The 3 key ingredients to a business that works without you

If you ask me, the best businesses are the ones where you can afford to go hands-off and enjoy your time, confident in the knowledge that your business is chugging along smoothly in the background.

Ideally, the only things you need to do with your business should be the things you:

  1. Enjoy doing
  2. Are uniquely qualified to do

With a bit of determination (and help from a Melbourne business coach) you can turn your business into one where that’s all you need to worry about.

All it takes is a couple key ingredients…


Ingredient 1: Or, how I learnt to stop worry and love systems and processes

You’re a business owner, not a “fixer”. While fixing problems is one of your responsibilities, it shouldn’t be the only thing on your plate.

One of the biggest time sinks that keep business owners such as yourself working and not at home is management. Many business owners double as the “fixer” at their business. Instead of looking at opportunities for growth or enjoying their time, many business owners are busy…

  • Resolving minor customer complaints
  • Supervising work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fixing problems for staff

Long story short, you’re reactive, not proactive – instead of growing, you’re troubleshooting. Instead of enjoying your life, you’re busy putting out fires.

The key to taking this work off your hands? Smooth, well-defined systems and processes.

I’ve worked with business systems and processes almost my entire professional life. I’ve seen first-hand the power they have when it comes to building a business that works without you.

Good systems and processes come with guidelines that clearly establish what resources are available and what actions need to be taken when things go wrong. Think of it like a fire escape plan – instead of you needing to swoop in to put it out, your staff will be able to contain and control the situation.

That means more time for you, which you can then cash in for more time off!


Ingredient 2: automate until your job is redundant

Redundancy: it’s a word that brings to mind images of downsizing and failing businesses.

Automation and outsourcing are contentious issues. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, for many business owners that should be your end-goal.

I’m not saying make your staff redundant. Rather, you should be looking for ways to make yourself redundant!

A lot of the work on a business owner’s plate can be largely automated thanks to advances in computing, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Admin work
  • Backing-up files
  • Reporting

And while some tasks can’t be done solely by a computer, advances in computing mean they can be at least partially automated:

  • Social media can be scheduled in advance
  • Emails can be filtered and sorted automatically
  • Receipts can be recorded using smartphone apps

Not sure where to begin? Business coaching in Melbourne can help you get started by identifying tasks that can beat least partially computerised. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll select suitable software and apps.


Ingredient 3: Delegation and outsourcing are your friends

And for the tasks which can’t be done by a computer, get somebody else to do them for you!

Your people are one of the most powerful resources at your disposal – it would be a shame to let their talents go to waste.

Something I drill into my clients when they first start business coaching is the idea that delegation is not a dirty word.

Unless you get enjoyment from work tasks (and more power to you if you do), you shouldn’t be the first point of contact. Especially when there are plenty of people out there who can look after that type for work for you.

Take a look around to see whether there are any services out there that can take these tasks off your hands. For example, consult an external bookkeeper about looking after your finances.

You don’t even have to go external or hire new team members to do it either. If one of your current staff shows promise, give them a raise, new job title and pass it on to them!

Not only does this pay for itself in terms of how much time you’ll save, but it also protects you from the bus factor – if you or another important team member is hit by a bus (fingers crossed that won’t happen), will operations grind to a halt?

And finally, it gives your staff the professional development they so crave, aiding in motivation and employee retention.


Want a business that works without you? Business coaching in Melbourne can help!

We’ve talked at length about how technology and team members can help you build a business that works without you.

However, there’s another powerful resource at your disposal we haven’t covered you: professional business coaching in Melbourne.

A Melbourne business coach can do much more than tell you “you need to bring expenses down”. Using their wealth of experience, you can identity what’s keeping you away from home or that world cruise.

From there, you can get to work on devising strategies, making improvements and taking unnecessary work off your hands.

Get in touch with a business coach today. Call me, Bruce Frame, on 0419 352 540 for business coaching in Melbourne that puts you on the path to a business that works without you.

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